Microsoft has completed the development of a brand new Windows 10X

The announcement of the perfect new Windows – Windows 10X – took place in late 2019, simultaneously with the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. And if the company’s dual-screen smartphone has already gone on sale, the Neo with Windows 10X still has not fallen into the hands of users. Fortunately, Microsoft has finished working on the latest one.

The company has completed the process of developing a new operating system, according to Windows Latest. Right now, it is fully ready for release in the Release to Manufacturers version, ie device manufacturers are one step away from getting a new product. “Pieces” of the design of Windows 10X will be transferred to a full-fledged Windows 10 Recall that initially the new OS was intended exclusively for Surface Neo, but in the end the company decided to adjust its plans and make Windows 10X the operating system for low-cost laptops.

Google has done something similar with its Chrome OS. A distinctive feature of the novelty from Microsoft is a lightweight design and rounded windows, reminiscent of those in Windows 7.