Microsoft has solved the problem of storing user passwords in applications for Windows 10

Earlier, Microsoft acknowledged an error in Windows 10, which in some cases programs do not store passwords. According to messages from Microsoft support forums, the problem of missing saved passwords affects Outlook, Edge, OneDrive, Chrome, and other products. Now it has become known that the developers have prepared a fix that will be included in one of the next cumulative updates to Windows 10.

It is worth noting that the first reports of problems with saving passwords in various applications appeared in the spring of this year, shortly after the launch of Windows 10 May 2020 Update. The problem is that in some cases, applications stop remembering passwords stored by users and have to re-enter them after each reboot of the operating system. According to available data, the corresponding fix is ​​currently being deployed on devices with Windows 10 for users participating in the Microsoft insider program.

Upon completion of the pre-testing phase, it will be released as an optional upgrade and will later be part of the cumulative update package for the software platform. According to Microsoft, the problem with saving passwords affects a relatively small number of users. The release of the hotfix will begin in February or March next year, when Microsoft releases the next cumulative update for Windows 10.