Microsoft has taken the development of Windows 10 seriously

It seems that Microsoft is serious about developing Windows 10. The company is developing new standard programs and preparing a major redesign of the user interface. According to the information that appears, the changes will also affect the taskbar, where a useful widget will appear. In its blog, Microsoft officially announced the innovation of the collection 21286, now available in test mode for members of Windows 10 Insider Preview. The most noticeable change was the new widget on the taskbar, which is essentially reminiscent of the popular Google Discover service.

The corresponding weather will appear on the right side next to the clock and system icons. If you click there, a window opens with a more detailed forecast, promotions, sporting events and various news. All information will be dynamically updated during the day and adapted to user preferences. According to Microsoft, users will be able to customize their feed by choosing what they want to see in it. The company is confident that this will allow people to always be aware of current and interesting events for them. The new feature is currently available in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and India. There is no information about the release dates in other regions yet.