MIUI 12 received one of the main chips of iOS 14

Xiaomi has presented a new version of the hard shell under the name MIUI 12 At the time of the announcement, it was just ice-cold without stating that the company copied the design of the novelty from Apple and iOS. Ale, as it has become a vidomo, the Chinese TechnoGigant and I don’t think about it – on the contrary, Xiaomi has “stolen” one more function from iOS 14 yet.

At the end of the day, it’s about the so-called “diii at postkuvanni”. So, in the new version of iOS, Apple has added the ability to sign on to the back of the screen, such as the screen shot, the screen shot of the Siri voice assistant, etc. Axis and Xiaomi did not appear in the beta version of MIUI 12 in exactly the same way. You can see the full list of actions available for appointments in the screenshot below:

Nagadaєmo, the release of the iOS 14 version will be released in the middle of the streaming rock, instantly with the release of the new iPhone. Until MIUI 12, the stable version is already available for a number of add-ons, including beyond China.