Money clips – for men who value comfort

Bored with a bulky wallet? Switch to the money clip, a special accessory for compact storage of banknotes and plastic cards! Mini wallet with convenient clips – that’s what you need for a modern mobile and stylish man.

What to know about money clips

When choosing a clip you need to consider several important factors, the first and most important of which is the shape. There are two main varieties of these accessories:

The standard clip looks like a compact wallet, but it has a central metal attachment to securely hold the bills. This type of accessory may have one to six pockets for plastic cards. Usually do not have a clasp.

Clamp without a central fastener. This is a minimalist version – a rectangular leather “cover” with an additional inside pocket. The patch pocket is used to fix bills and at the same time has slots for plastic cards. The product is necessarily equipped with a button lock.

The best way to create a clip is natural leather combined with metal fittings. The advantages of leather:

Reliability. The material is almost impossible to tear, it is well tolerant of liquids and quite resistant to mechanical damage.

Durability. An accessory made of genuine leather can be used for years without losing its original functionality.

Aesthetics. The natural texture of leather allows the clip to look stylish and expensive. Over time, the material will acquire scuffs, but from this accessory will look even better – it will gain more personality and will look vintage.

Comfort. Leather is practically not dirty, easy to clean and does not require special means for care.

Metal fittings will last the owner of the clipboard long enough, maintaining durability and reliability.

Color, texture and other features

A clamp that you plan to use often should match the main set of accessories – belt, watch strap, travel case, notepad, etc. You can also match the clip to your shoes.

The accessory can be:

Monochrome. Natural brown tones, bright shades or classic dark colors can all be used to decorate the clip.

Combination colors. The interior and the exterior of the wallet can be decorated differently, the stitching and clasp elements can be different in color.

Smooth. The accessory has no pattern, its outer side can be matte or glossy.

With a pronounced texture. The clasp can be decorated with a geometric pattern on the outer side.

Choose a suitable model for any suit. At the search for the ideal accessory will take only a couple of minutes. It is enough to use the search by parameters, and the system will select money clips according to basic characteristics: size, color, cost, etc.

Profitable purchase

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