Money is not the main thing in life or the main secret of money

Most of the people in the world will never be millionaires or rich people, which is quite obvious. But they will spend a lot of effort, time, nerves, health, and energy chasing green papers before they can be happy. In life you have to find the line where you have to enjoy life, not just hang out at work. A famous Italian proverb says, “When the game ends, king and pawn fall into the same box. We all play a game in this life, but it still ends the same for everyone, regardless of positions or amount in the bank account. Think of the famous picture of an elderly man with suitcases of money standing outside the gates of heaven. All money should be left at the threshold, because no one needs it further. So running all your life for money and working hard, you can find yourself at the edge of the lifeline. Being the richest person in the cemetery is meaningless if you weren’t happy during your life, don’t have cool memories and haven’t left a good trace behind. Money is not the main thing in life, no matter what the media or other people tell you. Money is just endless numbers, but if all you need is money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.

Search for happiness or search for money? You have to choose money or happiness, rather than thinking that only green papers will make you happy. It’s okay to build a career, start your own business, follow your dreams, and take care of your well-being, but it’s not okay to put your whole life on it. In the retirement home, it’s not more common to regret not making all the money in the world or spending all the hours of their lives in the workplace. In old age, one regrets not spending enough time with family, not loving enough, rarely saying warm words, not traveling enough, not socializing with friends enough, not having enough experiences, not taking enough risks, and not following one’s dreams. No one thought about money, but everyone thought about missed opportunities, about the lost chance to try something new and interesting. About the fears that prevented them from following their desires and passions. About the laziness and cowardice that prevented making changes in life. Money is not at all as important as you think in your early and adult years. But look at older people or your parents, then you’ll understand that there are more important values.

You will never be rich What would happen if I told you that you would never be rich and famous. What would you do? I bet you wouldn’t be killing yourself at work and working your ass off anymore. Spend your entire youth and adult life on nothing but paperwork? Money gives us opportunities and comfort, but it can’t replace a full and vibrant life.

1. Save money

Even if money is not the measure of happiness, you need it to live a normal life. You don’t need a new phone, new clothes, or a car on credit. All those installments, loans, and debts will only weigh you down when you spend the money you haven’t earned yet. Avoid the bondage of credit and don’t spend your money on nonsense, but save your finances. The main secret of money is to save it. A lot of money to someone who has enough of it, and eternal greed has never been good for anyone.

2. Make time for your personal life

Spend time with your family, visit your parents, play with your kids, pay attention to your significant other, spend time with friends. Without a close circle where we are loved, it’s hard to be happy. Take time with those you care about and feel good about. What better way to spend time with your family, your friends, or your soulmate? Is it better to sit at work? No. Does it take a lot of money? No. Enjoy spending time with people.

3. Get the best job possible

Spend time on education, courses, books, knowledge and experience to get the job you want. Find a profession you love so you don’t hate Mondays. Find the best job possible and become a professional at it. Find a job you like and where you are appreciated.

4. Enjoy life

Life is short, so take from it everything and now. Take weekends and vacations. Spend time in interesting places and with interesting people. Try something new to get the most out of the experience. Travel, visit cool places and enjoy life. Life is good if you have time to do more than just sit at work and work like the damned.

5. Be thankful for life and seize the moments

Enjoy the little things in everyday life and appreciate what you have. What we have we cannot keep, but weep when we lose it. Take care of your family, your health, the beauty of your business and your soul. Take care of yourself, don’t make you live from under the whip. Catch happy lives when nothing is more important than that brief moment. In the moment of a kiss, a hug, admiring a sunset, enjoying fellowship, devouring goodies, watching an interesting movie, a great concert and other cool things. Be thankful for life and catch the moments when you were truly happy.

Building happiness around money is a pointless exercise. Money is not the most important thing in life. All that matters is how happy you will be. Are you happy? It’s more important to have vivid memories in life, to give warmth to loved ones and to enjoy every day.