Most of all, women are attracted to men…

With this obligatory set of masculine qualities you will attract the attention of crowds of beautiful and sexy girls, and your personal life will be like a fairy tale. What makes a man attractive to women? Some men, after failing in a personal relationship, have wondered why I am not as attractive as other men? What does some other man have that I am not? Is money the most attractive to women in men?

The image of men who are more than just successful in life is immediately in my head. Such alpha males with inflated muscles and a white smile, six-figure annual income, sports cars and yachts. Next to such people I want to do what they did in ancient Sparta – jump off a cliff, recognizing themselves as a dead-end branch of evolution. But why then are there millions of simpler men and they are not extinct yet? Men pay more attention to the outside and believe that with a huge amount of money will come women, love and happiness. But practice shows that successful and strong relationships depend on money less than we think. Maserati, a suit for 5 thousand dollars and expensive watches can attract a huge number of beautiful sex, but what kind of women will it be? Showing luxury and bragging about your wealth is not the best way to find a girl. Then such men think that all women are mercantile, and what did they want by following this behavior?

This is similar to the situation when a woman on a dating site is first called “Funny Tits”, and then will be outraged that she is written by some perverts and they need only one thing. Of course, women love wealthy men and do not like the poor. But the attractiveness of a man with a strong income and a man who is a millionaire will not be so much different. And because of the constant female uncertainty in her power, it is possible that the first type of man has even more chances than a millionaire. But this does not apply to the type of women who are only looking for a man’s wallet. What makes a man attractive to women and how to become attractive to women? In addition to the standard requirements of perfect masculine appearance concerning physical data, proportional and harmonious appearance, there are other qualities.

Certain qualities and character traits that are considered to prevail in the image of the ideal man of her dreams attract women to men most of all. Most attracted to women in men … purposefulness The ability to live is not given to everyone and most of the world lives by the principle: rise, breakfast, work, lunch, work, home, dinner, sleep and so on every day. Everyday routine, the habit of going with the flow, the lack of plans and ideas for life. Such a quiet life is more like death in life, and few women are able to take it calmly. Men who have passion in their lives, related to work, hobbies, some other business, are quite different. They have grand plans and are obsessed with their dreams. They do not want to live without their passion and they are even a little obsessed with it. But these are the people who are cute, who arouse respect and even envy of others The man should be like a sailboat of the discoverer, going forward rapidly, even in spite of the storm. The unmanned frame of the ship, standing in the port, is so quiet and rotten. There should be passion and determination in a man.

Most attracted women in men … respect for them There is an opinion that the Ecumenical Council of the Christian Church, held in Ephesus (Asia Minor) in 431, discussed the question of the presence of a woman’s soul. A man was created by God in his image and likeness, and a woman was created from the male rib and there was a question about the presence of a soul. After heated discussions, a vote by one vote showed that the majority considered the presence of a woman’s soul an axiom. Since we decided back in 431 that a woman is also a full-fledged person, we should treat her accordingly. Disrespect for a woman can cross out all her sympathies for a man at once. Only if a man doubts her mental and personal abilities, diminishes the importance of her problems and emotions, recognizes her partially not full and not equal to himself, then everything is lost. In relationships, both partners are always equal, and when one partner tries to prove superiority over the other – it all ends badly.

Respect for the beautiful sex, with an admixture of gentlemanly nobility, tells the woman that she is seduced not only to climb into lace panties, but also for more serious intentions. Respect all women, even if your plans do not go beyond her panties. Most attracted to women in men … reliability Male reliability is like a sign of quality of the highest standard on gold. These qualities are subconsciously perceived by women and if a man does not inspire confidence, she is unlikely to want to share the bed with you. Any given word a man should hold on, if you said what you will do, then you should. In some countries, there is an expression: “Do or die!”, but in our country it is quite different: “Die, but do! Thus, even death is not a valid reason not to execute a decision. Hardness, reliability and self-confidence are the qualities of male leaders, both in public and private life. Most attracted to women in men … sense of humor In the list of a long list of women’s obligatory masculine qualities every lady will have a point “the presence of a sense of humor. Men with a good sense of humor will be seen as more attractive, more intelligent and socially sociable. A sense of humor requires practice and experience, and fine-tuned skill shows these strengths of a man’s character. Laughter is also a chemical reaction, if a man is able to make fun of cute chicks in a bar, then the case of seduction is already 50% done.

The fact that laughter brings us a good mood, increases the level of endorphin (hormones of happiness), a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves tension, relieves depression, anxiety and adjusts to friendliness. Laughter, in short, helps us feel better. If you are able to make a woman laugh, you can make her feel good. And such men are attracted by the beautiful and laughable sex. Most attracted to women in men … love skills The ability to “tasty” kiss and not be selfish in bed is also one of the important female points of male attractiveness. Variety in sex and quality regular sex will allow women not to think too much about stupid feminist things. With this obligatory set of masculine qualities you will attract attention of crowds of beautiful and sexy girls, and your personal life will be like a fairy tale.