Motivating employees or what to do to make employees want to work for you

An employee’s effectiveness is built on his or her motivation. Therefore, the main task of the manager is to clarify the key motivation and combine it with the tasks and goals that his organization needs. As a result, the company gets a satisfied, clearly understandable employee, working hard to increase his salary, but globally – for the company’s profit.

We have a fairly large sales department – 20 people on staff alone. From morning till night the guys make more than 50 calls a day to potential and existing clients. As you know, routine is exhausting and salespeople burn out very quickly. Therefore, they constantly need extra motivation to work productively.

When we noticed that our employees became less energetic and their efficiency decreased, we introduced significant changes into the daily routine to bring a drive and inspiration to the work. The goal was to make sales a kind of game, rather than a monotonous and boring obligation to be completed by the appointed time.

We began to work on a win-win strategy in relations between the company and its employees. We are all individual and each employee has his own motivation. The task of the manager is to turn personal motivation into the growth of the entire company.

I will tell you how this is implemented in our company The C2R model, where an employee is a renewable resource, not only doesn’t work, but also has an absolutely negative impact on staff relations. At we understand that the meaning of human life is not only in work – and we adhere to the paradigm: work to live.

Employees now appreciate more the human, even partnership attitude and care that doesn’t end with a paycheck on time. Every employee of our company knows that Tuesday and Thursday are the day of beach volleyball with the Director. Miraculously, productivity on these days always increases, and the day after the game is a day of complacency and reduced stress in the team.

The informal atmosphere is extremely beneficial to the workplace. Volleyball is not all we regularly make up, Friday, for example, is poker night, weekends are time for hiking or biking. Knowing what our employees are into in their free time, you can surprise them on their birthday, for example, by giving the right gift-consultation of an astrologer or a trip to the spa. We noted that this greatly helps to relieve psychological and emotional tension in the team and contributes to the formation and strengthening of trust in the superiors.

What else do we do on a mandatory basis? Respect the agreements. This is important for the formation of trust in the team and for productive work. Bonuses at the end of the week in the amount of 5000 rubles with the winner photographed and the board of honor, regular personal praise for quality work – all this gives a synergistic effect and the team goals are achieved more cheerfully and happily. I would like to note that we treat each employee equally. We do not organize “competitive games” in the team, in the spirit of “you are good” and “you are bad”, but form a friendly team based on the principles of mutual assistance.