Mozilla is also laying off a quarter of its employees: what happened

Mozilla, which manufactures the browser of the same name, has decided to lay off about 250 of its employees. In total, the company employs about a thousand people.

According to Engadget, people were fired as part of a “corporate restructuring”.


Here everything is obvious – the problem in the company arose because of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the company, the situation has significantly affected their income.

So Mozilla is forced to abandon its initial plans to release new products in 2020.
And what about employees?

Employees who have lost their jobs will receive severance pay and COBRA insurance at least until December 31, 2020. They will also have access to the company’s bonuses. In addition, Mozilla promises to help these people find new jobs.

It’s a shame, but this is the second wave of cuts in Mozilla. In January, the company has already laid off 70 employees. Then the reason was the low income of Firefox products.

Earlier we wrote that Uber and Booking also laid off a quarter of the staff. Uber employees will work remotely until 2021: received compensation for the home office The reason is the same – the losses due to the pandemic.