Neghit phrases to seduce girls

Do you make a pass at girls, but constantly run into the indifference and arrogance of beautiful women? The girl may have too high an opinion of herself, or be insecure about herself, which will prevent you from approaching her. How do you break down all the girl’s defenses and seduce her using unhit phrases? It’s time to drag hotties to bed, not average chicks. Planning to get a girl to like you, but she’s feigning indifference? This is a common condition of a pretty girl for whom hitting on guys and men is a common thing.

Pretty girls usually use beach-shield or “bitch shield. The girl shows the man arrogance, arrogance and self-righteousness that the man is not worthy of her. And the girl may be smart and good, just beach-shield is the simplest defensive reaction to the appearance of a suspicious stranger. This method of getting rid of annoying suitors, but if you can show the girl that you are not too shabby, then things may be different. You are not a boy, you know your worth, and she does not think you are a queen. To get rid of the bich schild the girl needs to be brought down to earth a little. This requires neghits, which help to surprise, demoralize and daze the girl.

The following are some of the most popular pickup phrases in the world: “Pick up any girl you like, but you have to communicate with the girl not as a beggar or an obliging suitor. Do not offer a drink, ask for a phone number, pay compliments or offer to get acquainted. Otherwise, you could easily fly off into the friendhood of her many admirers. You have to say something to the girl that won’t be very nice to her. You will bring her down to earth by showing her ordinariness to you. The girl is worthless, and therefore bullying on her part is silly. Naughty phrases are expressions on the verge of complimenting and insulting. The girl will feel out of place and far from a princess. Her bich schild will automatically fall apart, as will her availability for further seduction.

If the girl is very pretty, you can say a couple of niggles. If the girl is average or ordinary, but even one is enough to demoralize her. What are the right phrases for a niggle pickup? There are many phrases to bring a girl down to earth, take her out of herself and make her feel like a gray mouse. After that, you can take her with your bare hands.

Examples of neghit phrases

1. You have a funny outfit for the club.

2. Has everyone here left you all alone, even your girlfriends?

3. You’ve got a style like a ’80s informal!

4. Aren’t you from around here? I can tell by your clothes.

5. Is your dress too big or is it my mom’s?

6. Your nails are pretty, but I can tell they’re false.

7. Your hair looks stupid, like the posters from the ’90s. I had one of those when I was a kid.

8. Your powerful toilet water makes me dizzy.

9. It’s a little unseemly to dress like that.

10. Your ex must have had 100 reasons to break up with you?

11. Don’t go out much? It’s noticeable.

12. Your skirt is all wrinkled.

13. What’s wrong with you? You look tired.

14. Girl, your hands are so cold and clammy.

15. Your ex must have been pissed off by your constant arrogance?

16. I like your style. That’s how everyone dresses these days. It’s fashionable.

17. You don’t look like someone who’s always getting hit on by guys.

18. You have nice breasts and cleavage. They look like silicone. I don’t believe they’re real.

19. Isn’t that dress too revealing for this place?

20. Your arms are hairy like mine.

21. that dress makes you look a little fat, but it’s really cute.

22. Cool jeans. What wasn’t your size?

23. You smell so good. What kind of alcohol is that?

24. When you talk, your nose moves funny.

25. It’s a beautiful blouse, but it doesn’t match the bottom.

26. If you’re so cool, why don’t you have a husband and a family?

27. You have an eyelash on your nose.

28. Why do you always sit in one place? Do you have a stain on your skirt?

29. I thought those shoes were out of fashion.

30. You’re probably only being compared to a model out of politeness.

31. the fashionable hairstyle. I’ve already seen five similar ones today.

32. Your lip is trembling. Are you worried?

33. I didn’t ask your name.

34. You dance very funny. You wave your arms and legs funny like that.

35. You’re a real blonde.

36. Are you not in the mood for something? Did your boyfriend dump you?

37. You look a little tipsy. Have you been drinking?

38. Am I too young/old? Just because you’re older/younger than me doesn’t make me shallow/old.

39. My 10-year-old sister has similar tights.

40. Can you skate? I can tell. You have such strong legs.

41. You’re overexcited, and we’re not at that stage yet.

42. You’re not a regular here. Did you just happen to stop by?

43. You’re a very cute fart and you swallow words when you talk.

44. Your eyes look hungry and angry. Are you on a diet?

45. You could lose some weight, it’s a bit cramped at the table just the two of us.

46. Your hair is a beautiful color. Is it natural or dyed? It looks like dye.

47. That’s a cool purse. My mom had one of those when she was a kid.

48. That’s a nice dress, but I’ve seen you in it before. But the dress is nice.

49. Cool haircut. Is the hair real hair or fake curls?

50. I don’t think we need to get to know each other.

You’re too good a girl. Neghit phrases are great for overcoming a girl’s defenses. Saying a couple of neghit phrases can demoralize a girl, make her make excuses, or make her feel like a regular chick. A little rudeness, cheekiness, and sassiness on the part of the man will play into the hands of any chick when seducing her. Often girls will try to go on the offensive when niggling. They offer to buy them a drink to seize the initiative and put the man in his place. But that way you lose all your potential and also miss the initiative. Ignore her offer, or offer to buy one yourself if she’s used to talking to full glasses. You can apply another neghit from the list so that the chick knows her place. Neghits should be alternated with cheeky and sassy communication. You can ignore the girl a little, treat her like a silly girl, and not give in to a woman’s charms. The girl will immediately feel hurt that she herself would want to seduce such a tough nut. Behave as a bad guy who is not too interested in the girl across the street. Then the girl herself will get into you with her claws and willingly succumb to the elementary seduction.

Neghits help show your value to a girl, and will also be a good option when picking up chicks. When a man is not afraid of a pretty girl, pokes and prods her, then he is stronger than she is. So such a male is worthy of the girl and her hot body. Girls always flatter real men, even if they don’t appreciate them and twist them as they want. Girls are looking for the strongest male to continue their lineage.