New A4 Bloody W60 Max gaming mouse

Bloody, the brand of computer peripherals for gamers, has released a new A4 Bloody W60 Max gaming mouse.

The main advantages of the new mouse are its customizable sensor with high resolution, frame rate, tracking speed and acceleration, as well as dual performance tuning. But about everything in order.

First – A4 Bloody W60 Max – a level close to gambling. And that is why. With the BC3332-A professional customizable sensor with 10,000 CPI, 8,000 FPS, 250 IPS and 35g acceleration, the mouse delivers accuracy and control where you need to react quickly, such as in FPS games. The device reacts with a lightning-fast response rate of one millisecond. The innovative 4 Core (Low, High, Ultra and Extreme) system allows you to play MMO, RPG, FPS and other games with true pleasure.

You can customize your game style with the dual performance switch. It’s also convenient to select the most optimal polling frequency level for a particular game session by switching between the available values: 125, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz. Plus, you can personalize the break height (LOD) according to your gaming habits for the best accuracy and manageability. The first three types are LOD 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. The fourth type (transparent LED) is available for gamers to customize and pre-install LOD in the software.

Finally, the ergonomic and stylish design of the A4 Bloody W60 Max is a simple checkmate. Five types of RGB backlighting are preset by default, and you can customize the lighting effects yourself. The rubberized scroll wheel, created using double injection molding technology, guarantees durability and tactile comfort during the game.