New charging for iPhone spoils cards and burns covers

Along with the presentation of the new iPhone 12 smartphones, Apple revived the MagSafe brand, which in 2020 became a wireless charging system for smartphones. Unlike many analogues, MagSafe charging is equipped with a special technology of magnetic mounting, which is attached to the back of the phone. It has become a source of problems for owners of a new smartphone and accessories for it, according to Business Insider.

MagSafe has built-in magnets that allow you to properly position the iPhone when installed on a wireless charger. The contact between the area of ​​the device and the back of the smartphone is tight enough to damage the iPhone if there is dust or MagSafe on it. Therefore, Apple’s first recommendation is to clean both it and the smartphone from dust before each use of wireless charging. If the iPhone owner thinks that the gadget will protect the case from scratches while charging, then this is not the case. The leather or silicone case for the smartphone must be removed, because charging MagSafe can, if not burn it completely, then at least leave a round burnt mark on the surface.

There will be more problems if the iPhone has a leather case with a pocket for storing cards – in addition to damaging the case itself, wireless charging will easily destroy the cards placed in it (both bank cards and any media with RFID tags). Physically, they will not suffer, but the information on them will be at least damaged, at most – will disappear completely. And if metal objects get between MagSafe and the smartphone, they can break the wireless charging. But this problem is also typical for Qi devices. Only MagSafe-compatible covers can be used without restrictions.

In addition, Apple recommends placing MagSafe in a cool place while charging the iPhone – only this will save both devices from overheating, which prevents the smartphone from charging the battery by more than 80%. In this case, the heating of electronics in the company is called a normal phenomenon.