New contests for adults. Part 2

On the tube

Before each participant the same number of glasses with the same amount of liquid (liqueur, vodka). Each participant receives a tube and on command “start” all start in turn with the tube to empty their glasses without taking the tube out of the mouth. The first one to do so will receive a prize.

Little thing in your pocket

Each participant receives a fist with a trifle (of the same composition and face value). Adults will probably recognize and distinguish the iron coins from each other. At the command “start” each participant begins to recognize and count their trifles. The first guest to name the right amount of trifles in a piece is the winner.

Dance, but with a limit

Each guest will dance, but… sitting down. The host in turn includes various songs, such as Lezginka, cancan, gopak, Greek dance, ballet, etc., and the guests dance while sitting on a chair. At the end of the contest by the applause of other guests determine the brightest, most active, cheerful, ingenious and best “sitting” dancer, who will receive a prize.


For this contest you will need a simple avoska and many different items to put in the avoska. At the command “start”, the host will provide a thread with different items in a suspended form to the guests, and participants should try to get as many items from it as possible. The one who pulls more items out of the kiosk in a minute will be the winner.

Give me a hug

Guests are divided into pairs. Participants in each pair is tied at the waist a strong knot. All pairs become one big circle. At the command “start” participants should try to hug the contestant opposite, so everyone will stretch in different directions, and who is stronger and more agile, he can win. The first huggers will get loud applause and prizes.

Children’s games are not childish

Guests are divided into pairs. Participants of each pair become opposite each other at the same distance in steps 15 or so. The first participants are given children’s dump trucks on ropes, and in the dump trucks put a glass of beer, for example. At the command “start” the first participants should take a beer to the second participants on the dump truck without spilling it. As soon as the second participants are brought, the second participants drink beer. A couple who will do the task neater and faster will receive a prize.

Wash your heads

Guests are divided into teams of about 5 people. Each participant receives a towel. On command “start” participants of each team should quickly and amicably shake their heads in towels, as if they have just showered and washed their heads. The team, in which all participants will quickly wrap their heads in towels and do it qualitatively (the towel will not fall off the head), will be the winner.

Clothes are mixed up

Guests are divided into pairs. Each couple, not having had time to wake up in the morning, was going to an important meeting and mixed up their clothes: a man put on a woman’s blouse and a woman – a man’s shirt. So, in each pair a man puts on a blouse, and a woman – a shirt (any thing with buttons in the same quantity, in case of necessity buttons can be interrogated) and fastens all buttons. At the command “start” the participants of each pair shall unbutton, change things, change clothes and fasten. The pair in which the participants will change their clothes more quickly will be the winner.

Tea or coffee

All guests are divided into two equal teams: “tea” and “coffee”. The host includes music, all guests dance and mix in the hall. Meanwhile, the presenter blindfolded each guest. As soon as the music stops, the host announces a condition – on command “started” guests shout the call sign of his team: some of them are “tea”, others – “coffee. The task is as follows: at the call of your teammates, you need to get together in a single team faster than your opponents – tea to tea, and coffee to coffee. The team that will get together in full and win faster. And as a prize the participants of the team will be given a tea bag and a coffee stick.


Guests will be transferred to the hot islands for a moment, where they are offered various cocktails. The host takes turns showing a picture with a certain cocktail, such as Sex on the Beach, Mojito, Pinacolada, B-52 and so on, and guests guess what cocktail they see. Who was the first to raise his hand, the answer is the same. The one who gives more correct answers, will be the winner.