New, interesting business ideas for 2020, Promising areas of small business

No matter how new the ideas may seem to some people, to others it will be an old song, so we will simply set forth relatively new ideas that seem interesting to us. Material is constantly updated – add it to your bookmarks. The types of activity that will be discussed are available to almost everyone without special preparation, if there is a starting capital within 1 million dollars.

Production of natural sausages from chicken. Only meat and spices. Yes, it is expensive and has a short shelf life, but the taste, quality and uniqueness will attract a client. Mini-factory for the production of natural underwear and the opening of a company store on its basis. In connection with the increasing demand for natural goods, it is advisable to organize a sheep breeding farm and supply raw materials for the production of wool, dairy and meat and meat products. Organization of a 3-D printing business on clothing, paper, plastic and ceramic surfaces, etc. Opening a natural products supermarket with binding opinions from expert services determining the degree of naturalness of products. A small factory producing woven carpets made of natural wool.

Store on wheels. there are special cars for this. A very quick start and relative novelty, plus mobility, which is important in finding a good place. Before deciding on the scope or object of investment, you need to decide for yourself what it will be – the production of goods or the provision of services. However, with regard to the general direction, the so-called “green business” has become more and more profitable lately, which involves the processing of secondary raw materials, the generation of energy using alternative sources, the cultivation of useful and medicinal herbs, ground vegetables and fruits, and sewing clothes from natural fabrics. preparing home cosmetics and medicines from natural ingredients.

In the service sector, such a business involves the purification of water by natural means, green tourism, therapeutic massage, the organization of stress-relieving courses, testing various products for the presence of harmful chemicals in them, as well as a number of other areas aimed at restoring health and personal development. The popularity of these types of small businesses is due to the fact that recently the population is particularly concerned about the state of the environment and the health of the future generation. Business ideas with minimal investment. The following ideas are less costly: Buying a few inexpensive cars that you can then rent.

Development of various cool items on magnets for car enthusiasts. Development of cool cases for flash drives. Development and implementation of electronic medical cards with complete information from birth for all diseases and t. .d. Grandmother or grandfather on call – for those who do not have such relatives nearby Organization of fantastic and other situations for rallying, for reconciliation, for declarations of love, for dating Any clothes and shoes for rent Organization of a cafe – “be at home”, – people themselves prepare food for themselves The service of cashing out credit cards without interest in the form of making a purchase at the terminal, with cash dispensing for a minimum percentage Development of name covers or stickers for school notebooks and textbooks in which personal photos will be used. Ideas from readers: Courses on the topic – how to correctly and correctly lie when it is vital? A person who is behind you in the queue at a savings bank or clinic, and when your turn is near, will call. Non-standard ideas of small business.

Ideas of the business of the future. Massage room. Interesting business ideas for beginners. Ideas with investments, however, may well be mastered by newcomers to the business: Cafe Anti-Crisis is an attractive name and low prices with good quality. Ambulance for four-legged friends at home – the cost of the purchase of equipment / medicines and transportation. After changing unnecessary clothes into blankets, pillows, etc. – with subsequent resale or for charity. Creating interior details from unnecessary trash – clothes, shoes, magazines, disks, boxes, cans, etc. Mobile bath – to equip a truck with the necessary; relevant for fishermen in winter. New topics for small businesses – many options are suitable for beginners. New business ideas Production of passive car safety devices for pets – for safe transportation and reduce the severity of the consequences of an accident.

Mobile tractor – round-the-clock assistance to cars stuck in snowdrifts. Custom 3D glasses production. Organization by entrepreneurs of a psychological support center for people who are experiencing a severe economic crisis. The organization of relocation of groups of amateur athletes to competitions is important for towns and villages that are far from centers of sporting events (for example, transportation of a group of marathon runners). The service sector is an extensive material for work. Opinion: all human needs are directly or indirectly satisfied, all niches are occupied, there are competitors everywhere, therefore we can only talk about the relative novelty of ideas. First, you should work as a mercenary in the area that interests you, learn how to serve your client, and then create a company.

Interesting ideas for a small town

The simplest business idea is advertising boards. Placing advertising boards in elevators and floors, etc. Previously, it will be necessary to agree with the Housing Office and residents. Beekeeping. That sounds scary, but it’s actually not that bad. When reading 3-4 books on beekeeping, you will already understand the essence of the matter. And to get five families and a dozen beehives is not difficult. You can increase the number of families every year in arithmetic progression. Wind power. Sounds worse than beekeeping. But also not particularly difficult. You are required to know physics (school curriculum) and read several books on this subject. At the moment, there are few companies in the country that provide services for the sale and installation of such structures. The niche is actually free. Windmills are purchased abroad.

Extras: alternative energy for small businesses. Solar power. The same as above, but here you have the opportunity to offer your services not only to people with private plots, but also to residents of high-rise buildings. Problem: legality of the event. Aluminum roofing. In Europe, this type of roofing is already popular, in fact, it has a large number of advantages over conventional slate. How I independently opened a hotel for animals It all started with the fact that acquaintances, leaving on vacation, were asked to take a cat for a while. At first I refused, but my friends offered to pay for each day of supervision, I agreed. When they took their pet, they paid me. I thought, why not take the animals, while their owners are absent. Placed ads on several sites. A few days later they began to call me, agree on the overexposure of animals. There were many who wanted to, but I did not want to arrange a zoo from my apartment. My home hotel lasted a year, during which time I got a lot of regular customers.

I decided to officially register my IP. I rented a room, arranged the rooms. A good owner will first pay attention to the condition of the room, the rooms should be spacious, comfortable, hygienic. I worked myself, there were more animals, profit grew. I started hiring first assistants. New, interesting business ideas for 2020, promising areas of small business. Things went uphill, the hotel brought good income. I expanded the staff, hired a groomer, a veterinarian, a dog handler. Difficulties Unfortunately, after several years of work, a crisis struck, customers decreased, taxes increased, there was nothing to pay staff and bills. I had to fire people and start working on my own, so that at least somehow I would pay the bills, I had to cut prices for services. Of course, there were few animals, but enough to pay bills worked only for the idea, there was practically no income. In this mode, the hotel worked for a year, and things began to improve again.

Competition As soon as things began to improve, another problem came, competitors, our city is not big, the competition was very much felt, it saved only that we had a constant customer base. Another year passed, my nerves and strength were already running out. I decided to close the hotel. Hotel for animals – a seasonal business and the main income was in the summer, the rest of the time there were not many animals, there was an influx of customers due to additional services. The following ideas were sent by readers living in hundreds of thousands of cities: Warming of apartments, houses. You will need urban climbers and material, and there will always be customers – the winters are cold. Herbs. The useful and even healing properties of herbs are known to all. If you wish, you can independently grow and sell them in cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. Call center.

Despite the fact that most large companies already have them, but other companies also need to communicate with the client. What do you need to get started? The room, twenty (not necessarily new) computers and access to telephone and Internet. And of course the ability to find partners. You can invest in the construction of a vegetable store. Most small and medium-sized agricultural producers sell their products in the fall, because there is nowhere to store them in the winter. In the presence of storage, in the spring their products are several times more expensive. For storage, part of this profit will be yours. Sawmill. There will always be construction – everyone needs boards. Buying a personal sawmill will not be much cost, but it will take time to find customers. By the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. A stall with Shawarma.

Two Ukrainian fashion models and jackets from China are our business in Italy. In 2010, my friend Olga and I went from Ukraine to Italy to earn money. They worked as photo models. They paid well. If you want more – please, but be kind – to the club. And to live beautifully oh how you want. At a joint brainstorming session, we decided to start a rather funny business – to bring warm jackets here from China (when December +12 is very relevant, but in fact, there is demand, we just got this idea). They came up with a brand, drew a logo. At first we wanted to order in Turkey, but those people with whom we contacted demanded either large batches at once or, if small, then none of our branding, with their badge. Most likely, they wanted to raise such a nonsense, but we found an enterprise in China through the Internet. New, interesting business ideas for 2020, Promising areas of small business.

They agreed to sew 10 jackets of our chosen model (they had several options, quite traditional things), 2 sizes, without labels, we could sew on our badges. We also chose fabrics and colors from those available. 100% prepayment, we read reviews, people are normal. We translated the emblems into vector graphics, then into the format for the embroidery machine, and a friend made dozens of logos for free. For the first batch of jackets, we went to Moscow. There were some problems with the delivery immediately to Italy. They took it in Moscow, brought it, hemmed our emblems, made a photo shoot in these jackets, posted it on social networks. They sold through the store a familiar designer, so as not to break the law and pay taxes correctly. The same designer designed all the documents and explained to us what papers would be needed to continue to run this business.

But everything still went through him. Net profit from one jacket after all payments of about 30 euros. It’s not bad. Although some untwisted designers on such little things, sewing them in Turkey or China, made 200-300 euros on a jacket from above. But there is a design, a brand. We received the next batch immediately with our logos, we sent the files to the factory, there we made one jacket, took a photo, we approved. Now they didn’t go to Moscow, the store owner took care of these questions. Until 16, we made good money, and then I got married in Rome and there was no time for business, and Olga moved to her boyfriend in Moscow and also became a housewife. We left our contacts with the factory, the rights to the brand and all materials to our friend with the condition that he would pay us 5% of the profit. In December 18, they received a very decent amount in December. Business ideas from America. Production and delivery of glasses that protect against loss of vision when working on a computer.

Diapers with materials that change color as they become dirty and moist. Flexible and narrow elements for a vacuum cleaner – for cleaning in hard-to-reach places (behind cabinets, under sofas, etc.). Production of country borders and paths with illumination – for comfortable movement at night. Production of beds / borders / nurseries from scrap metal (old cars, household appliances, …). New, interesting business ideas for 2020, Promising areas of small business. A souvenir and gift shop – pretentious places, but very pleasant, now there are even in network formats in small cities in Europe and the USA. “Keep warm in a traffic jam” – courier delivery of food and hot drinks to multi-kilometer traffic jams – similar: coffee in a traffic jam. Bicycle / motorcycle / scooter taxi. Development of temperature sensors for the detection of wild animals in the forest (for foresters and mushroom pickers). Organization of beach competitions for lovers in their region (volleyball football on the beach); relevant only in the summer.

Thermo-motivator for athletes or, conversely, lazy people. A bracelet attached to a hand and heated to a certain temperature when a person reduces physical activity. Small production ideas – small factories, workshops. Outpost – point of delivery of orders from online stores. Guide to the detailed design of business ideas. We measure reader interest (view metrics, time, etc.) – on this basis we have made a plan to make it convenient to present our business idea to the community. Convenient for readers structure, clear presentation of information. Nothing more, only important details. The content of the article about the business idea: Abstract: 2-3 sentences characterizing the essence of the idea. Detailed presentation of the idea. The target audience. Benefits. Disadvantages. Competition. Similar projects. Necessary equipment. Necessary special knowledge / specialists. Finance. Prospects for expansion, scaling. Exit the business. A few stories of readers who have already tried this business. Examples of this scheme: Wallpaper with your own print Small garbage containers for paper and cardboard Wooden hangers from construction waste Ice castle On Drawing Production of furniture in the loft style.

Production of self-tapping screws SMM agency and service Sleeping bus On pigs – Pig breeding On furniture restoration Budget beauty salon – a beautiful business Service for processing summer cottages from ticks and other pests New business ideas that appeared this year Printer for printing walls. Everyone remembers what a curiosity 3D printer used to be? So, now there are larger versions that are great ideas for startups in 2020! Using a special manipulator, a person can build a frame on a computer monitor, and then “print” it. Glowing cotton candy. Cotton candy can be seen everywhere – in parks, in shops, on beaches. But as they say – “competition gives rise to progress.” So, they came up with the idea of ​​making cotton wool not on ordinary sticks, but on luminous ones.

This adroit trick is eye-catching and well paid. LED animation for bicycle wheels. Many motorists are willing to give a lot of money to decorate their “horse”. Therefore, they came up with how to brightly and stylishly decorate them. A backlight is installed on the wheels of the bicycle, which creates incredibly beautiful pictures when the bicycle moves. Capsule hotel. They first appeared in Japan and immediately gained popularity. Typically, these hotels are convenient at airports and train stations. They do not take up much space, but are very convenient and people can wait for their flight in good conditions. For such a hotel does not need much, but what a result!