New NVIDIA graphics cards could pose problems for Intel

The authors of Gamers Nexus suggested that the new NVIDIA Ampere graphics cards may cause problems for Intel. The fact is, they are expected to support PCI Express 4.0 and a related server-side computing accelerator.

Journalists have noted that NVIDIA graphics cards are more widely adopted, and the new models will have a major impact on the gaming market. The problem with Intel is that the company simply does not have a desktop processor that can guarantee support for PCI Express 4.0. By September, when the new graphics cards come out, Intel will have nothing to offer.

Of course, NVIDIA Ampere models will be able to run in PCI Express 3.0 compatibility mode, but there is a chance that customers will choose AMD processors in the hope of unlocking the potential of PCI Express 4.0-enabled graphics cards. However, this is more of a marketing problem than a question of real advantage.