New version of Windows 10 Lite will run extremely fast

Owners of computers, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices can expect that in the near future will be the release of an operating system such as Windows 10 Lite, and it will bring with it a lot of features that it will be able to all enjoy to please. Users can count on a completely new redesigned interface, enhanced functionality, increased stability and reliability, a completely new malware protection system, support for processors on the ARM architecture, as well as many other important features that this platform can enjoy. please all those users who try on equal terms to always use software from Microsoft.

In some tasks, the updated new Windows 10 is reported to run faster, which will allow all users to enjoy incredibly high performance and many other benefits that will delight everyone.

However, it is extremely important that the new “Windows” will be a simplified version available now, without support for outdated features and technologies, it will be able to provide full support for UWP, PWA and Win32 applications, so any existing now for the tenth “Windows” »Programs and games will be able to work properly on the new one without any unexpected inconveniences.

Restrictions can expect only processors on ARM, which can now be found in laptops and tablets very often. All programs that do not support this architecture at the native level will run in Windows 10 Lite in compatibility mode, which, in turn, can result in a loss of approximately 20% of overall performance when used.

The new operating system, which will be an updated version available now, will please all users and the fact that it will bring an interface in the style of the next generation Fluent Design, and this is why the platform will look incredibly attractive and fresh. It remains only to wait for the release of this OS, and it will happen at the end of this year, when everyone will have the opportunity to install it. Microsoft will have to reveal more precise release dates closer to the time of release.