No matter how much you shake, the last straw is still in your pants

Another drop fell into your underpants, overflowing with the cup of patience? This topic is so topical, painful and serious that it is simply stupid to continue ignoring it. All men are familiar with the state when you feel ridiculous after going to the toilet. No matter how carefully you shake, the last drop falls into your underwear, pants or shoes. Sometimes it drips down your leg, which is even more annoying or leads to embarrassment. How much does not shake, but the last drop falls into the pants? How to deal with this global men’s problem, which everyone prefers to keep quiet about? This article should be read only by men. Men will understand perfectly well, and women do not need to know it. This man’s pain is well known, but we often ignore it, forgetting about it. In the article there will be additionally a good life span to improve sexual life, besides solving the problem of hated drops in your underwear.

How many times does a man go to the toilet? An average adult goes to the toilet 6-8 times a day. Urination may end differently when a man goes to the toilet regularly. At one time, everything goes more or less, and sometimes it is not always pleasant and comfortable. Men prefer not to spread about personal difficulties that arise every day and lead to discomfort. Every trip to the toilet turns into Russian roulette. No matter how you plan and shake, but the last drop falls into your underpants. You can’t just take it and then shake it dry. What is the attack and the problem in an empty place? The peculiarities of the male body are such that after urination, it can continue a little, getting rid of the remains. A small hike often ends with a little wet underwear, sprinkled shoes, a stream on the leg and wet pants. The smell of underwear does not become more pleasant.

How to solve the problem of the last drop? How much at the end do not shake, and the last drop will still fall into your underpants. It can be considered a man’s curse, or it can be perceived as a lack of information for the stronger sex. This is exactly what you have not been taught in a kindergarten, pioneer camp, school, university or academy. This information should go from birth to birth when a father teaches his son to go to the toilet. But such things are rarely explained to us because of the sensitivity of the problem. We understand the solution to this problem on our own, but many years later a thousand drops in our underwear. Another drop fell into your underwear or on your pants, overflowing with a cup of patience? There are many options that men use to fight the last drop. Here are the best methods to get rid of the last drop, which work and have been personally tested by the author. All methods are functional, but the best is to combine several for maximum effect.

1.Toilet paper to remove

The most effective and correct way to get rid of residual urine is to use toilet paper. After the end of urination should be a piece of toilet paper or cloth, which will absorb the remnants of urine. Underwear will be dry and clean. This is what women do, too, when they go to the toilet. To this solution, the last drop, I came only after 20 years, which took my hygiene to a new level.

2. Shake well after the toilet

If there is no paper you can just shake strongly until all the urine residues do not go into the toilet. But this method requires more time. The main thing is not to use the method of “helicopter” or “rotation of the trunk,” when everything around is in the remnants of intensive disposal. You will have to clean up or you will be considered a “bad shooter”. Also do not get carried away by shaking or twitching too much. From the outside, especially in a public toilet, will look a little suspicious. Are you going to write there or to sigh? You can get into an awkward situation.

3. Deceptive maneuver for the last drop

After the end of urination, you should pretend and imagine that you are going to put the organ in your pants. But not to do it, but to wait a little. Then you relax and the remaining urine comes out. This is the last straw to fall into your underwear, but you tricked her. This maneuver will help to avoid the last drop falling into your underwear. Just to wait a little.

4. Squeeze the hose dry

Remember how hard and thoroughly you squeeze the tube of toothpaste when it ended a couple of weeks ago. You should squeeze out the organ by moving your hand from the base to the end. It is better to start squeezing from the bottom along the entire urethra or urinary tract. This way all the drops go down the toilet, which prevents them from getting drops on their underwear, pants and shoes.

5. Peeing on the toilet sitting

Men avoid sitting on the toilet when they want to be small. This is considered to be female and not manly enough, although there is nothing like it. This method helps to avoid twitching over the aim, to remove splashes in different directions, and also avoids the legendary last drop. You can calmly sit on the toilet and pee. After that, you should wait for some time until the urine residue comes out, under the influence of gravity. During this time you can sit quietly on the phone or read a magazine. It is especially good to use this method in the mornings, when sleepy. But it is not always comfortable to do it in public toilets. This method is a home one.

6. Wash under water after the toilet

This is the most complete and correct way to get rid of the last drop. To avoid the problem of the last drop of urine in your underwear, you should approach this case more thoroughly. First, you should make sure that the urine is completely out and there are no new calls. After that, you should squeeze out the penis a little, and then shake the penis a little bit to throw extra drops into the toilet. No matter how clean, it is better to wash the head under a jet of water in the sink or bidet, if available. You can wash it with a little soap. This will eliminate unnecessary urine residues, harmful germs and toxic odors. Then wipe with a cloth dry. After that, the cleanliness and hygiene of the sex organ will be at its best. This method is not always possible, but it is really the most effective.

7. Kegel exercises for men

Often, the cause of the last drop is weak pubic-smooth muscles. They are responsible for blocking the urinary tract. If you have a problem with the last drop and a problem with low urinary incontinence, you should practice. It is necessary to do Kegel exercises for men. But, besides that, muscles are responsible for the strength and quality of erections in bed. Are you interested? This is the life jack for strong potency that was written about earlier.

How to do Kegel exercises? Feel the pubic muscles trying to stop the stream of urine in the toilet. The muscle tense between the anus and scrotum is the muscle you are looking for. You need to strain the pubic-button muscles for 15 seconds and then let go. So do 15-20 approaches in one workout. Kegel exercise is performed 3-5 times a day, in any place and at any time. You can gradually increase the number of approaches to 50, varying the duration and strength of the tension. Kegel exercises for men will help solve the problem of the last drop and improve erection. All methods are good and work perfectly. Use all 7 methods, then the last drop will have no chance to stay on underpants, pants or shoes. This topic seems a little strange, then this question really causes a lot of discomfort in everyday life. Take advantage of the advice that others have forgotten to give you.