NVIDIA Ampere Gaming Video Cards to Be Launched in August

When Chinese sources published photos of the alleged cooling system for NVIDIA Ampere graphics cards in the reference version, the German resource Igors LAB made it clear that this leak angered NVIDIA, and therefore there is no doubt about the reliability of the photos. Now there is information that the production of reference video cards starts in August.

The unusual cooling system of the new products intrigued not only the Vneck of the printed circuit board, but also the different orientations of the two fans included in its composition. This version of the cooling system involved the use of a copper base with four heat pipes. While NVIDIA still has the opportunity to choose which version of the cooling system can be put into series in the production of standard design graphics cards. The source claims that the photo was not yet shown the most expensive option. A more advanced version of the cooler is equipped with an evaporative camera.

Information about the cost of such a cooling system, in the context of which the sum of $ 150 appeared, should not be directly transferred to the possible retail cost of serial video cards. Perhaps it was a question of the manufacturers cost level in unit production, which will inevitably decrease when the product is launched in series. NVIDIA should choose which cooler to equip Ampere family reference cards by July of this year. Mass production of the Founders Edition series video cards will be launched in August, and the announcement will take place in September. Then there will be independent reviews of new products.

Apparently, the problem of choice now faces NVIDIA only when determining the design features of video cards based on the PG133 printed circuit boardthe one that will form the basis of the reference products. For partners, she stocked an alternative design (PG132) with a rectangular printed circuit board with a length of not more than 213 mm. Video cards based on it will appear later than the reference ones, and therefore are unlikely to be in time for the September announcement.