Nvidia announced the new DGX A100 supercomputer

Nvidia is known not only as a mass and popular manufacturer of discrete graphics gas pedals for the mass market, but also as one of the most active enthusiasts in terms of experimenting with graphics technology. Even today, Nvidia’s individual development team has unveiled something truly powerful and monumental: the new Nvidia DGX Station A100 supercomputer, which has four Nvidia A100 graphics cards with 80GB of video memory each, creating an extremely high quality system with a total storage capacity of 320GB, which is a surprise to even the most demanding customers.

It’s worth noting that the new Nvidia A100 special graphics gas pedals with 80 GB of onboard memory are a slightly modified and modified version of the previous HBM2 model for better performance – so Nvidia engineers have been able to combine up to four models of the new special gas pedals to offer the end user a bandwidth of about 2 Tb/s, which is really impressive even for the most complex and demanding synthetic applications.

In addition, the new Nvidia A100 graphics gas pedals are powered by third-generation tensor cores that deliver up to 600Gb/s for transfers – and with AMD’s 64-core processor installed in the new supercomputer, it is clear that the DGX Station A100 is a versatile and long-term option for any special application requiring high performance.

In addition, we are talking about the need to provide a wide user market – if it can be called such in the context of this kind of special systems – as versatile as possible at a relatively low price. However, for now Nvidia is not in a hurry to release its new model to the market, preferring also to leave potentially interested customers in the dark about the final release date and the final cost of such a device.