Occupational diseases of the sales manager

Scientists have calculated that if a sales manager’s workday exceeds 10-12 hours, diseases develop.

Managers’ occupational hazards

Stress caused by overwork, constant emotional tension, insufficient sleep, long negotiations, responsibility, the need to process an enormous amount of information in a short time.

Noise in the workplace.

Contact with a large number of people.


Office equipment (computers, photocopiers, air conditioners, telephones, printers), which are a source of noise, electromagnetic radiation, infections and allergens.

Most working hours are spent at the computer.

Irregular working hours.

The most frequent diseases

Nervous system. The most frequent diagnosis in managers is “chronic fatigue syndrome”, which is manifested by sleep disturbance, irritability, a constant feeling of weakness, hopelessness, lack of strength, apathy, indifference to the usual joys of life (family, trips, vacations, friends). The main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is intolerance of everything related to professional activity. There are also such illnesses as neuroses, IBS, and migraines.

Decline in vital forces causes a decrease in the immune system, and as a consequence, frequent infectious diseases.

Respiratory system – allergic diseases.

Musculoskeletal system – back and joint pains. Osteoarthritis, arthritis, posture disorders are common. Observed so-called “tunnel syndrome”, which is a consequence of the monotony of movements, for example, prolonged work on the computer. Symptoms: pain, sensory and motor disorders in the wrist area. In severe cases, may develop trophic disorders.

Other – deterioration of appearance, metabolic disorders, reproductive system disorders (decrease in libido, menstrual cycle in women), alcoholism, drug addiction, vision disorders, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, etc.

How to prevent occupational diseases of managers

Prevention consists in leading a healthy lifestyle, active recreation. Various methods – yoga, meditation, music therapy, etc. – help to harmonize the internal state.