Online dating: how to meet and find your destiny on the Internet

Our lives in recent decades have taken place in two parallel worlds, the real world and the virtual world. The Internet has become an important part of everyday life. Here you can buy everything from food to cars. It’s easy to sign up for a doctor’s appointment, find a book or film, earn money, join a community of interest, learn foreign languages and get information on any subject. It’s no wonder that in virtual reality we find not only employers and subordinates, friends and like-minded people, but also loved ones. How strong are Internet dating and what are the rules of communication on the Internet when searching for your soul mate?

Why is it convenient to get acquainted on the Internet?

Online dating: how to get to know each other and find your destiny online.

Internet dating is very popular now. People are too busy to find a life partner somewhere else. Many people are biased about dating on the streets or in transport, and in the library, cinema, on vacation or at a party it is not always possible to enter into a dialogue with someone you like. Who is pleased to receive a public waiver?

Previously, those who wanted to get acquainted contacted marriage agencies, but now they have been replaced by Internet sites, social networking groups and mobile applications. It is much simpler and more efficient. You get access to people with close interests living in your city or even in the same area, you can see their photos, immediately contact potential candidates, communicate with them and make a date.

In this case the refusal does not bring negative feelings, because the communication takes place in private and there are no witnesses to your fiasco. In addition, such a search saves time, because you can find a husband or wife at the office work computer, in line for the dentist or bus. And most importantly, you have a huge choice, because usually communicate with several people, and all inappropriate candidates are gradually eliminated.

A dating site is not a panacea. Expert opinion

Online dating: How to get to know each other and find your destiny online

In the XX century mankind faced the problem of loneliness. According to statistics, about 40% of people either never married or divorced and no longer have a family. It would seem that the emergence of dating sites should have solved the problem, but it did not happen.

Maria Cikalova

A psychologist and coach to find the other half

“The first marriage portals appeared together with the Internet, and now virtual resources for finding the other half are growing like mushrooms after the rain. According to statistics, every third resident of our planet from 16 to 65 years old sits on dating sites. The very first marriage sites were as close to reality as possible – people communicate sincerely, get to know each other, transfer meetings in real life, become friends and spouses. Modern virtual dating for communication on the Internet already looks different, and sites with all sorts of chips and tricks, including geolocation, simplify the process of communication and make the search for the other half more focused. A huge number of questionnaires, profiles, accounts, floating every day on the screen of your monitor or smartphone, creates the illusion of limitless choice. We feel like a big supermarket, where you can buy forever or for a while husbands, wives, lovers, friends and acquaintances. It would seem that all this should once and for all solve the problem of loneliness. Why isn’t it?”

Dating has turned into fast food…

Online dating: How to get to know each other and find your destiny online

Due to the abundance of websites and applications for dating, people have lost their heads to the huge range of offers. The girls are sure that if a relationship with Alexander doesn’t work out, you can meet Boris or Vladimir. And guys meet several girls at the same time – and it’s right, why limit yourself? The human personality is devalued, some relationships are easily replaced by others, and can you call a relationship a one-night stand? Thus the sphere of dating turns into fast food, where people appreciate only beautiful packaging and they do not care what is inside.

Even with the advent of communication portals, many people have never learned to contact and get to know each other, so in fact the dating field is one of the most backward in the entire Internet space. What will happen to a person if he eats fast food all the time? Eventually, he’ll get sick. And what happens to us if we learn how to communicate? Many people are tired of seeing only beautiful pictures in each other that can be scrolled right or left. Photography does not convey facial expressions, emotions, let alone the inner world of a person. In addition, with the help of Photoshop you can change yourself beyond recognition. Unfortunately, many virtual acquaintances are originally built on lies and the desire to seem better than you are. But then inevitably comes the “development” with all the ensuing consequences…

Is there any chance of finding love on the Internet

Online dating: How to get to know each other and find your destiny online

In this age of global loneliness, many people want emotional intimacy and warmth, which is unlikely to be found in mobile dating applications. American singer Joan Baez said: “The easiest thing for me to do is communicate with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one.” If the purpose of acquaintance is still to communicate with one person, how can you find him, if we only know how to choose beautiful faces on your smartphone screen? And is there a way out of this situation?

All of the above should not scare you away from finding your soul mate on a dating site or social network. HeadHunter conducted a sociological survey, which revealed that 11% of Russians had an affair on the Internet. In the UK, 30% of marriages are the result of virtual communication. There’s no need to be afraid of the internet; you just need to understand how to act in order to avoid wasting time on hopeless relationships and to protect yourself from disappointment and pain.

Also, it is important to choose the right platform to get acquainted with convenient options and a large number of users. It is desirable that the site has more than 10 million registrations. The best sites are Mamba, Teamo, Badoo, Darling,, Photostrana, LovePlanet,, There are no separate sites for young people or people of mature age, just a search need to fill in the right number to open profiles of your peers. Each social network has its own dating groups, in addition, there are mobile applications to find friends and loved ones – Pure, Badoo, Tinder, Yumixo and Bumble, where, by the way, only girls can start a conversation.

Tip 1: Read the questionnaires, ask questions

Online dating: How to get to know each other and find your destiny online

Whether you get to know each other on the site or in the social network, everywhere you need to fill out a questionnaire where you can specify not only your age, weight, height and hobby, but also many other information about yourself. The questionnaire shows all the wealth of the inner world of a person – there are sections about favorite writers and artists, attempts to reflect on the meaning of life and the essence of love, and much more. Fill in the questionnaire in full and read the questionnaires of your interlocutors. This will give you food for thought when assessing possible candidates for your hand and heart. If a person does not fill out a detailed questionnaire or is not interested in your views on life, it may indicate a superficial attitude towards acquaintance. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions. The sooner you realize that you are not on your way with the person you are talking to, the more time you will save. Analyze how the person writes and expresses his or her thoughts – it says a lot.

Remember that not only do you evaluate the person you are talking to, but you are also being evaluated, so try to be natural and interesting, don’t hide your sense of humor, and show a wide range of vision and erudition.

Tip 2. Identify inadequacies

“If a man immediately asks questions about an intimate plan, I immediately send him to the blacklist – says Irina Vorobieva, who has been looking for a husband for a year on dating sites. – This is not necessarily a sexual maniac, maybe just a lover of one-time relationships, and I do not need it. Also I do not respond to those who write with serious spelling mistakes, shows disrespect to me or seems too uninteresting. Advance correspondence is important to sift out inadequate spelling and save time.

The most popular types of men living on the dating site – “eternal bachelors”, looking exclusively for mistresses, they are also called “collectors”. You may also meet typical losers who whine for life – they come to dating sites to visit their destiny and assert themselves. There are bored wives, albums, sexually preoccupied individuals and “virtual residents” who never crawl into the real world – they only like to talk. Among women, too, there are such types, but most often there is a chance to get to the lady looking for a sponsor.

Tip 3. Be careful!

Online dating: How to meet and find your destiny online

Every tenth user of dating site turns out to be a fraud – so the statistics says. Be attentive to those who write to you, and do not get caught by the fishing rod of marriage scams.

If a potential partner grafted about weight, height and age, it is still tolerable, because these people are about 80%, especially women. It’s not yet a matter of inadequacy. But someone else’s picture on the avatar or its absence – already a serious reason to doubt the honesty of the intentions of the interlocutor. He or she may well be married. What else should be worrying – a quick declaration of love, stories about hard life and problems that require financial investment, an invitation to the first meeting at home or in a hotel. “One of the most popular scenarios of deception is letters from American soldiers from Afghanistan or Syria, from English doctors treating dying children in Africa, from other noble men on a high mission to save humanity. They suddenly needed help to pay for a complicated heart operation, to buy new surgical equipment for a hospital for the poor or to transport valuable treasure to Russia – naturally, a woman should keep this treasure with gold and diamonds for now. Many fraudsters write to men on behalf of women and also promote them for money. Do not give in to these tricks, be vigilant!

Tip 4. Don’t pull the cat by the tail

Online dating: How to get to know each other and find your destiny online

Everybody knows that the Internet image often does not coincide with the real person, therefore it is necessary to meet as soon as possible to get rid of illusions or, on the contrary, to be fascinated and fall in love. Virtual beech can be a pleasant person to communicate, and funny man – the rarest nerd. So after a few days of communication offer a date in real – preferably in a neutral territory. Do not be afraid to take the initiative. Women are worried that they will look intrusive. In fact, many decent men on dating site are lost and do not know how to behave. Expecting the first step from them, you risk losing your fate. Go on dates, look at potential candidates, and who knows what your relationship is going to be like…

By the way, whether to accept an invitation to visit “for a cup of coffee” right on the first date – is already your personal business. Nowadays such things are treated much easier, and as Samantha from the series “Sex and the City” rightly noticed, “a man can leave a girl with equal success, if she gave him on the first date or not given up on the tenth.

Tip 5: “A man can leave a girl with equal success if she gave it to him on the first date or not on the tenth. Dating as a pleasant leisure time

Take the dating site as a new game. Do not take it too seriously, because if you observe safety regulations you do not risk anything. As a last resort – have a fun evening, and this is also good. And what comes of it, depends on you and your fate…

There are many successful online dating stories that demonstrate this approach to dating.

“Sergey, whom we met in the group Topface at VK, I did not immediately like – recalls the happy wife and mother Olesya Zemchuk. – He wrote answers to my letters for a long time, using too typical and banal phrases for acquaintance on the Internet, for example, “You’re beautiful, I’m fascinated by you”, “You have such a cute look”, “I dreamt about you at night”. Anyway, everything was too predictable, and he didn’t get me at all. One day I was sad, I decided to get rid of it and invited Sergei to the movies. It’s just that he’s always been so nice, and I wanted compliments. And you know, in life he was sociable, funny and interesting! It was the best night of my life. I’ve never seen someone so subtle and smart. Sergey confessed to me that it was his first experience of communication in a dating group and he was terribly complex, so he wrote banalities. Since that evening, we have not parted, we have a daughter growing up and we are still in love!

If you come to a dating site, have fun, enjoy your life, get to know each other, socialize, and maybe you will meet your other half. If, of course, you really need it…