Online Dating: Pros and Cons

The feasibility of dating on the Internet argued the head of the Internet dating service Yaroslav Sergeev and singer Natalia Gulkina.

Singer Natalia Gulkina “strongly opposed” dating on the Internet. She stressed that she’s against it not because she’s had a bad experience, but because her friends “vainly try to get acquainted on the Internet” and all the time “fall for cheaters. In her opinion, men on dating sites only “fool women”, they have no serious intentions.

“The Internet has taken over us completely,” the singer said. Because of this, in her opinion, children have stopped reading books, they cannot get acquainted without the help of the World Wide Web, they are shy even just to say hello to each other, and they have complexes on this basis.

In Gulkina’s opinion, it is wrong to get acquainted online: this is not the way to “see a person’s eyes and smell them in order to understand whether it is yours or not”. The singer is sure that only “complex people who have a lot of free time and do not know where to get to know him” get acquainted through the Global Network.

The singer said she would never “risk getting to know others through the Internet and would not advise them” because the number of scammers has increased dramatically in the latter case.

“I am a media face, they know me,” Gulkina said. – If I go online and say that I’m looking for a friend or sponsor for a clip, there will be so many people who want to know which one is a good person, it will be impossible to understand”.

In turn, the head of Internet dating service Yaroslav Sergeev expressed confidence that in real life women are just as deceived as in the Global Network. “A girl who can be fooled around on the Internet can be fooled around in real life as well,” he says. According to the expert, “the Internet is just a projection of real life”, all the shortcomings of people who are in reality, are present in the Internet.

“This is not a problem of dating on the Internet, but a problem in human relations in general: people are insincere, and this is our nature,” he stressed. According to the expert, in order not to fall into the hands of fraudsters on the Internet, one just does not need to be so trusting, one should try to be more careful.

Yaroslav Sergeev said that “in the U.S., 15% of registered marriages are couples who’ve met on the Internet,” and “this figure is growing steadily. He admitted that he found “his woman” through his dating site, lives with her for 2 years and is going to marry her.

According to the specialist, different reasons may encourage people to get acquainted online. Often people sit in the office all day at the computer, and they just do not have time to get acquainted with someone by any means other than the Internet.

In the Republic of Mari El, a marriage scam case has been brought to court. The group, according to the investigation, consisted of 35 people who extorted money from foreigners via the Internet. The victims of fraud were 125 people – citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Great Britain.

Financial fraud is not the most dangerous thing that can wait for those who get acquainted with the Internet. And not just foreigners.

We know of cases when virtual acquaintances, after meeting in person for money or things of the future victim, not only robbed people, but also killed them.

And yet, the popularity of virtual acquaintances is only growing, and not only among young people. There are many examples when flirting in the network grows into a real relationship and turns into a happy marriage.