Online Passion: The Pros and Cons of Dating Online

He’s an intelligent young man on the net, and in real life he curses with his mother…

Today virtual dating is available absolutely for all people of different age: from teenagers to more mature people. After all, it is so simple: there is e-mail, Skype, dating sites, various forums. There are both positive and negative sides of such dating, writes tutknow.

So, the positive side is:

The ability to make independent choices, with whom to communicate and with whom to build relationships. No one will force you to get acquainted, you do it on your own.

Some people in life are very shy. And when we get to know each other, it makes us uncomfortable to openly look at people’s faces, as it makes us uncomfortable to be seen by strangers. Therefore, it is very convenient to do it online, being at home in a comfortable environment and not embarrassed by anyone.

Expanding the circle of acquaintances. It is no secret that the older a person gets, the harder it is for him to get acquainted. And at work, it’s still the same circle of colleagues.

On the Internet you can in some way control your relationship, without rushing, gradually, nowhere without hurrying and without taking risks. In real life, there is a high probability that you can say the wrong thing, and not what was actually meant.

It is quite possible that your virtual acquaintance will lead to a harmonious and strong relationship in real life. As a rule, if the couple liked each other, they will meet sooner or later in real life.

You should also pay attention to the negative points that are in virtual dating:

Banal deception. Deception can be either with a photo (someone else’s photo, work with Photoshop) or with incorrect data (embellished financial situation, marital status). It is unlikely with you will be so persistent to communicate and achieve a phone number and meeting this hero-lover with the appearance of macho, an excellent sense of humor and sufficient material wealth. Unless that would be an exception to the rule.

It happens that an interesting lively conversation can end in disappointment when you meet. He is an intelligent young man on the net, and in real life, he is cursing with his mother and hamit. Or maybe he is an irresponsible person, not working anywhere, but looking for sponsors in new friends. Or maybe he just won’t like it. In principle, many factors can affect the overall impression, such as height, weight, manner of communication and even the smell.

Still, we must remember that virtual communication can never replace the real feelings and emotions that we show when we see, hear and feel the person.