Original phrases and ways of dating

When we really like someone, we get a lot of excitement before we get to know them. It is one thing if there are a lot of other cute representatives of the opposite sex or you have the intention to just flirt or have a fun evening and another thing when you are really “hooked” or you have long dreamed of approaching him / her. In this case you start to think what are the most original and effective ways to date a girl or a guy.

The fact is that sometimes the most banal or sincere ways of dating will be the most effective. For example, when pickup artists use a lot of original ways of “pickup”, a simple phrase: “Lady, excuse me, honestly, I like you so much, that it would be very disappointing if you refuse to drink a cup of coffee with me” – will be in today’s time original against the background of unconventional methods catcher.

Ways to get originally acquainted

For example, you can meet girls in an original way, using your acting skills:

“Accidentally” drop your wallet, notebook, bill, business card, pen in front of the girl and acquaintance will definitely happen. And then – a matter of technique, thank the girl for saving your life that she noticed the fallen thing, offer to thank her by going to a cafe or buying a huge cotton candy – it will be both original and pleasant for her.

And here’s how to get acquainted with the original guy, if you’re sitting in a mall cafe and you like the young man at a nearby table. You can be the initiator of dating yourself, get acquainted without damaging your reputation:

Write a note and ask the waiter to pass it to his table. In it, write:

“Good afternoon. I’m actually embarrassed to approach you, but I have a difficult situation. My nephew for his birthday need to buy Transformer Optimus Prime, and I do not even know what he looks like. Could you please keep me company in the toy department. Check the right box:

Sure, I like Transformers myself.

And then we’ll pick us a kite?

Unfortunately, I’m busy right now, but here’s my number. We’ll go tomorrow.

You’ll be the first ones to meet him that way.

Here are a couple of the most interesting ways to meet a girl for a walk:

Overtake a girl and let her know that you’re about to give her a speeding ticket. Invite her to take a break from walking so fast and have chamomile tea with you. In fact, girls really love humor and tea!

Approach the girl and quietly tell her that she just almost stepped on a ladybug, and if she says there are no ladybugs, do not be shy to say: – “Wow, the first time I see such an eye-eyed girl. Your name, ma’am, I’ll put you in the Red Book.

Girls love compliments, so it will be nice if you remember a few unrepeated compliments, you can tell on a date as the great poet wooed women. Good manners are also helpful. Open the door to the girl, let her first into the elevator and there you have her smile and a few seconds of attention to get to know her.

Original first phrases

We have chosen for you the most original phrases for meeting a girl on the street or at a party.

Hi, I’m the kind of annoying guy who likes your eyes and if you smile, I’m sure to like your smile too!

I’m so glad there’s loud music playing and you won’t hear what silly things I’m about to say to you out of excitement.

Did your parents get an award for creating a world-class masterpiece like you?

Hurry up and call an ambulance. I just got shot by Cupid.

And the Constitution says you can’t deny a man his right to happiness. What’s your name, please?

Do you know I could have stayed home today and not met you at this bus stop? Creepy, huh?

Original first phrases for acquaintance with the man in the first place should be specific and sincere. A peculiarity of men’s psychology is that they do not understand any hints, understatements and figurative expressions, but they understand the “shooting” of eyes. So do not “twist” the phrase strongly, just smile and a man will understand that you are sympathetic to her.

Original ways to meet a guy:

You met an interesting unfamiliar young man at a party approach him with the words:

You can pretend you’re my boyfriend, or I told that annoying man that I came with you.

In the park, you can go up to the man with the dog and ask: You are such a cute dog. What kind of breed is it and what kind of character are they? I definitely want one of those!

Men like to be rescuers, heroes, counselors. Approach a man in a supermarket and ask him to help you choose a good wine as a present for your boss.

You can dare to put a bottle of wine in the cart to the guy you like with the words: I owe you a cake and I owe you wine!

Popular dating on the internet, start your first correspondence with a girl with the words: Lady, do you believe in love with the first letter or should I write you a second one? The sky, the sun, the tree! And what do you see out the window? Urgently require a guy to go with me to the movies! Interested in the job?

Interesting places to meet

There are a lot of places to meet: you can meet your fate in the park, run into in a supermarket queue, come across a beautiful avatar in social networks, offer together to hide from the rain at the bus stop, ask the waiter to take a dessert at your expense to the girl you like at a table in a cafe, you can hope for a gift to you dance at a party.

If you want to meet an athletic man, you can head to the gym. Ask a man for help, they are so fond of teaching a girl how to “work the iron.”

Along the way you can ask about proper nutrition after the workout. Now that you have found a common theme, further communication is doomed to success.

It is very easy to get acquainted at the resort, the sea itself and the environment relaxes and disposes to a pleasant, no obligation to anything to communicate.

Ask the girl what excursions she has already been to this place and maybe some would go with you in the coming days.

You can meet an interesting and intelligent guy in a foreign language course, in classes to develop communication skills.

A man can find a hostess girl at a cooking class.

The work organization can also be a place of interesting acquaintance, and if your chosen one is from another department, you can not be afraid of an office romance at all.