Peculiarities of male manicure

Peculiarities of men’s manicure

Men’s manicure is, first of all, care of the hands and maintaining a neat appearance, inherent to all regardless of gender and age. The opinion that this procedure is strictly for women is long outdated, so today more and more men go to the masters and ask to get their nails in order.

However, in the last couple of years, men’s manicure with gel-lacquer coating and drawings has become particularly popular, which causes fierce controversy in society. We decided to find out what features men’s nails have, how to care for them and what is fashionable this season.

Distinctive features of men’s manicure

Firstly, men’s manicure has a more practical function than a decorative one. It is necessary to fix the skin and nails, which are naturally rougher and thicker for men. That is why it takes much longer to remove the rough and dead cells and provide the nails with a neat look. Stiff cuticle growth also requires a trim or uncut manicure, performed according to the client’s wishes.

Second, the nail itself in men is denser and stronger due to keratin, so the problem of splitting is not peculiar to them. But the thickness of the nail plate dictates also a long time of the procedure – it is more difficult to correct the length and shape.

Thirdly, when performing men’s manicure use only odorless and glitter-free means, so as not to attract too much attention. For example, men choose a matte top without additional effects, which leaves nails as natural as possible. Exceptions are possible only if the client himself wants to add a glossy sheen.

Fourthly, despite the fact that men began to actively experiment with colored coating relatively recently, black nail polish has long been the calling card of many musicians and actors, who introduced the fashion of male manicure in the last century.

Men’s manicure trends

Trends in men’s manicure are set by its star owners, and followed by the fashionable catwalks. Unlike women’s, they are updated not so often, but it is already possible to identify the most popular shades and designs:

Minimalist designs;


A combination of black and white, black and metallic;

Gothic font;

Emphasis on one or two nails;

Multicolored nails in the most unexpected colors from turquoise to lilac;

Flame images.

To create creative designs for men today use all kinds of foil, gel paint, sliders with patterns, ornaments and drawings, plates and varnish for stamping and glitter, which when used properly will look appropriate on any nail.

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