Perfume for a real man: TOP-5 women’s favorites

We present the rating of perfumes that have earned rave reviews from girls.


What kind of men’s perfume do girls like? There is no unequivocal answer to the question, because there are so many women and so many opinions. Someone is crazy about masculine woody scents with leather notes, and another woman’s heart freezes with chords of musky oriental scents. Instead of guessing yes, we offer to know the opinion of women themselves and present a rating of perfumes that have earned rave reviews from girls.


  1. Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction for Men

In 2020 this composition will turn 10 years old, and it still stirs up girls’ hearts. It is no wonder that the fragrance has earned the title of immortal, because in it – only in moderation and nothing extra. Refreshing sea notes are combined with the seductive spice of nutmeg and amber. A little sweet fruit, a cup of fragrant cappuccino – and the beautiful lady is already conquered. By the way, the perfume has a version for girls who can please their beloved.


  1. Lalique Encre Noire

Toilet water embodies the image of a strong and confident man who keeps everything under control. Next to him, a woman feels loved and protected behind a stone wall. Such emotions perfumers of the French house have achieved thanks to a combination of woody, floral and oriental notes. A bold decision is to put a vetiver and a cypress in the first terraces, behind the branches of which the heart hides flower bouquets of Haitian vetiver. The final is a cashmere tree and musk.


  1. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

In the mid-nineties of the last century, the water flavour of eau de toilette became a sensation, and to this day, toilet water is still relevant. Why do girls like Acqua Di Gio so much? The secret is the explosive energy of the sea, the charge of freshness and masculinity. Would you like some privacy on a remote wild beach? This fragrance will set the right mood. The initial notes are sprinkled with citrus chords, the heart opens with a union of floral, fruity and spicy notes, and in the trail there is a shadow of white cedar and echoes of seductive ambergris.


  1. Armand Basi In Blue

The creation of Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas since 2015 makes women’s hearts beat more often. The fragrance is complementary to the composition of the fashion house for women In Red: the duo is a storm of contrasts – blue and red, sea and fire, strength and passion. The history of In Blue is a union of citrus and oriental spices, the tartness of black currant and the attractiveness of neroli, the sophistication of patchouli and the timeless wisdom of woody notes in the trail.


  1. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

In 2006, perfumer Olivier Cresp, came up with the idea to combine simple wildflowers and noble wood in one fragrance, and then to season the union with sour notes of white lemon. This is how Eau Fraiche toilet water was born, a choice for those who are not afraid to take risks and experiment. The union of rosewood, sage and tarragon, complemented by ambergris and musk, gives you a charge of energy for a whole day.