Pilates for men: busting myths

At the Pilates class you practically do not meet the strongest sex. This sport is not very popular among men. The reason is the outdated myths about it, in which it is high time to stop believing. We have collected 5 such misconceptions and now we will refute them.

Ironically, the Pilates system was developed by a man, but it has acquired a reputation of exclusively female occupation. It is believed that this sport is almost useless. It consists exclusively of slow movements, stretching and gives minimum load. At the same time, experienced coaches say in one voice: Pilates really gives results. It is equally useful for both sexes. And if you combine it with other sports, the results will be simply stunning. Being a kind of symbiosis of yoga and qigong gymnastics practices, pilates helps to develop the whole body in a complex. However, few people believe in it. Different stereotypes are still common. We will try to destroy the most popular ones.

Myth 1: A man must swing.

True: One does not interfere with the other!

For the majority of the strongest sexes, the best load is to exercise in the gym with large weights. Yes, they help to get the desired effect – a muscular body with a painted relief. But there are some nuances here: such muscles do not help much in normal life. A rough example is the work in the vegetable garden. In order not to feel discomfort during it, not to lose productivity, in a word – do not notice your body – you need to train quite different muscle groups than those that are used when lifting weights. Pilates helps to prepare your muscles for such everyday tasks. But it does not increase muscle mass. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose between it and a rocker, it is better to combine.

Myth 2: Pilates is done only by loafers.

True: Just look at the equipment for training!

Pilates is associated with sports for lazybones, but it is a deceptive feeling. It is believed that there are no contraindications for such practices and anyone can handle the load. Indeed, Pilates can be practiced at any age and in any body condition. Only who said that it will be easy? The one who thinks that it is possible to rest at the classes, just did not see how they are held. Sophisticated equipment, the need to constantly focus on the right technique, a wide range of programs – all this makes Pilates a heavy and effective load.

Myth 3: Exercising your muscles in this way is not effective.

True: There are no useless exercises, there is a wrong technique!

Many men are repelled from pilates by a large number of exercises aimed mainly at women’s problem areas. It seems that the strong sex has nothing to do in such exercises. However, this orientation of the programs is formed due to the low popularity of pilates among men. In fact, there are exercises for everyone in the arsenal of this practice. There are both simplified and power variations. A professional trainer will easily choose an individual plan even within the group exercise. And if you do everything clearly according to the instructor’s advice, the result will not wait for you.

Myth 4: Pilates is easy to master.

True: It will take a whole course!

There is an opinion that the principles of Pilates are really easy to learn in the first class. In fact, it may take only a few weeks to learn the basic techniques. Even trained athletes can have a hard time. After all, pilates uses those muscle groups that are often inactive in other types of physical activity. The correct posture, concentration, accuracy and smoothness of movements are very important here. This will not only help you get used to sports activities, but also will make you generally more durable, stronger, more flexible. And in the same simulator, the results will be noticeably better.

Huge advantages of the programs are their universality and diversity. They can be adjusted to any level of training, endurance, plasticity. If even at first you do not succeed, it is okay. The coach will choose the exercises so that you learn gradually. It is definitely worth starting with the approaches on the mat, and then move on to the simulators.

Myth 5: The effect is almost invisible.

True: You will notice a change in everything!

Thanks to pilates, people change not only physically. Changes also occur in their thinking. Many people say that after several trainings, their consciousness seems to have become clearer, it is easier to generate ideas, the mood has improved. All this is a result of proper circulation of the brain, which is enhanced by training. It is useful in all areas of life and the ability to concentrate – the basic principle of Pilates.

Also changes in appearance will immediately appear. The muscles of the back and legs will be stronger. In this case, the muscles do not overstress, but gain natural flexibility. Another undoubted advantage of pilates is the ability to remove the beer belly, against which other activities are often powerless. Intensive exercises make the stomach flat and tense. Pilates brings a noticeable result and increases the effect of any other activity.

Today, pilates is more than a routine exercise on simulators. It is a whole philosophy that combines effective exercises for all muscle groups, increased concentration, and the ability to control your body and mind. The system does not stand still; it changes after the popularity of sport. New programs, more technological equipment and perfect techniques appear. Everyone will find something for himself among them.

Excellent health and good mood after training will help you to achieve greater heights in work, to establish your personal life and in general to become an improved version of yourself. And all this at the expense of one sport. Don’t you believe it? Sign up for a trial lesson and see for yourself!