Pornhub Changes Terms of Use Amid Visa and Mastercard Investigations

The Pornhub website changed the rules of use of the platform after the publication of the New York Times investigation on how the service earns from violence and video with minors.

On December 8, a restriction on video uploading was introduced. Now content partners of Pornhub and members of the website’s model program who earn on content can upload videos. Earlier anyone could upload video. In addition, from 2021 the site will introduce an identification system for users who upload videos.

Also Pornhub introduced a ban on video downloads except for paid downloads for members of the Model program. The service was criticized that video recordings without the consent of the participants continued to be distributed after removal from the site.

Pornhub said it would strengthen content moderation and expand the list of prohibited tags. Separately, work will be done to protect children’s rights through CSAI Match and PhotoDNA technologies, as well as search and removal of illegal content.