PornHub has blocked millions of videos on its site – all unverified content

The administration of the world’s largest porn site PornHub has announced the blocking of all unverified videos. That is, those that have not been downloaded by verified users – and this is millions of videos. This is stated in the official statement of the administration.

A bit of context: PornHub began to change its policy on uploaded videos after an article appeared in The New York Times in early December about how a porn site makes money from underage violence. On December 11, the largest payment systems Visa and Mastercard banned transactions with their cards on PornHub. According to Vice Motherboard, the resource has now stated that as part of the policy change, they will block all unverified videos uploaded by users without verification. They will be tested from next year.

A verified user on PornHub is a person who has sent a selfie to the site administration with a sheet of paper with the username and name of the site or MindGeek (parent company of PornHub) written on it. In 2021, the portal’s management is going to complicate the verification process. Currently blocked videos are marked with a message that they are being checked “in accordance with the policy of trust and security.” How many videos have been blocked? The exact number of blocked videos is unknown.

Prior to the inspection, there were about 13.5 million of them on the site, but during December 14, this number changed by 4.7 million, and then – by 7.2 million, according to Motherboard. At the time of publication of this news on the main page of PornHub, it was said that the site has a total of 2.9 million videos. How was it before? Note that before these changes since the launch of the platform in 2007, anyone could create an account and upload any video. PornHub made changes to its policy on December 8. In particular, they said then that they would start moderating content better.