Positive attitude: down with a dull existence

Thoughts, as we know, often become reality. That’s why I see that most of the locals, who always walk around with a sour expression on their face, see nothing but problems as a result. Does that apply to you, too? Well, maybe it’s time to stop thinking bad thoughts in your head and get in the positive mood. I’ll tell you how to let a little luck and happy moments into your life. You’ve probably already noticed that any business has the final result, which initially managed to tune in. If you do not believe in the success of the event, the outcome is obvious – failure and complete failure. But a positive attitude always increases the chances of victory. So why do simple thoughts have such a powerful effect on real human life? Let’s figure it out together.

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What is the mindset of positivity

How to tune in to optimism

What constitutes an attitude of positivity?

It’s time for me to be a bit of a psychologist. This is a special internal installation of man, with which he begins any action. We can say that it is a built-in software code (the technicians will understand exactly). If it will be written with a critical error, the bugs will have to be fixed for a very long time (you have seen the terms I know). In real life is similar: if you set up incorrectly for an event – get a fascist grenade, and then another and clean up the result.

Optimism is a good thing. Gloomy realists may be more prepared for various mishaps, but it is positive people who have an amazing ability to change the world around them. In short, I wrote a code inside my head for failure, and it happened. Decided that everything conceived will work out – get ready to fanfare and stew.

Optimists inevitably attract good fortune, which contributes to waves of envy from less positive people. However, it is not just a matter of hoping for the best. This kind of outlook on life helps a person solve a lot of problems. Here are a few examples of how a positive attitude makes a difference in one’s life:

Helps yourself and others become more successful. Yes, others are also often caught up in the “eternal glow of pure reason. When someone nearby begins to assure that everything will be fine, we will cope with everything, and in general nothing terrible is happening, life really becomes easier. The main thing is not to get angry at such a comrade. Just try to recharge a little bit of his energy.

Draw sympathy from those around you

Understand, people can’t stand whiners. Life and without that is not sugar, and then someone begins to resemble an annoying mosquito in the ear about the “all is vanity, we’ll all die. And then what? Will this attitude make things any easier? From such personalities try to politely, but as quickly as possible fend off, so that the negativity does not attract a bunch of related failures, and just do not spoil the mood of all. Do you want to become a desirable conversationalist? Then learn to look at the world with more warmth and gratitude. After all, any problem can be solved if you don’t inflate it to the scale of a universal catastrophe.

It gives you motivation

When things are bad, why bother doing anything at all? That’s why pessimists rarely make any progress. They just don’t see the point of getting off the couch. And the optimists clearly do not want to sit still, as they actively try to diversify their life with new experiences. So much for destroying the hated procrastination.

Getting rid of depression

And we are talking specifically about a clinical diagnosis, and not “something sad to me today. When a person begins to look at the world more positively, he finds meaning in it. Every failure becomes a momentary experience rather than a tragedy that leaves a deep wound on the soul. And yes, it does become easier to breathe, even if you do not smile at everyone, like a madman.

It helps to get a promotion at work

Management likes active and positive employees. As a rule, such people have great efficiency, endurance, stress resistance and a non-trivial approach to solving a variety of tasks. If you stop dissatisfied and start enjoying the process (when you can not, do not pull the owl on the globe and change jobs), it will be noticed from above.

Develop leadership skills

Grumpy people will never be able to lead a crowd. Because the real leader should infect others with his idea, the mood and carry away common thoughts. And what can unite the people hardened pessimist? A desire to spend their lives in limbo, occasionally ordering a pizza at home? Hardly a worthy leader.

Simplifies any action

Negativity is always a hindering factor. The task acquires the features of an unbearable burden if you look at it through the prism of a bad attitude. But a positive attitude is a great assistant in business. Don’t know which side to approach the problem from? Look at it from a different angle. And do not despair, if bright thoughts do not hurry to fill his head. The more lighthearted you are, the easier things will seem.

Self-correcting psychosomatic

Another very interesting thing. Many people believe that thoughts can affect not only the efficiency of work, but also the physical condition of the person. For example, you are upset about something, but you don’t show any negativity. Then expect a migraine attack. Setting a positive attitude helps to avoid such unpleasant consequences. It is proved that optimists have much less pain, and almost any ailment disappears much faster.

Stress and nervous tension go away

When you constantly dwell only on the negative aspects of life, it brings with it a heavy oppressive state. And who likes to be in the company of only bad factors all the time? The result is constant stress, dissatisfaction with oneself and others, and a tense state of mind. It is extremely difficult to live in such an environment. Optimists simply don’t have such problems. So learn from the satisfied acquaintances.

Lack of complexes

This is another psychological aspect of a positive outlook on existence. Satisfied with life people simply do not spend precious time looking for flaws in themselves and inflate them to the scale of the real problem. There are no perfect characters, period. And I’m quite in tune with that position.

How to tune in to optimism

So, I hope that you have already realized that it is much harder for pessimists to live. Negative energy, like a powerful industrial magnet, gathers all the worst things around it. Do you want to get rid of the constant problems and failures? Then learn how to find a true positive attitude. In fact, it’s not that hard. It’s enough to follow some very sound advice. And it’s not just any Internet tip. I will tell you what real professionals in the field of personal psychology recommend.

Do some self-hypnosis

Not sure it’s going to work? You should at least try it. You don’t even need any external stimuli. It’s enough to learn to listen to yourself. Believe me, the inner voice will not advise nonsense. Just bring it in order and point in the right direction.

The second name of this technique is affirmations. You do not need the constant presence of friends, ready to cheer up and say the right advice. There is a huge energy potential inside every person. And as you call it a spoon, so it will float, in fact.

Create a personal mantra for yourself, which will really give a feeling of harmony, peace and resurrect lost faith in yourself. You don’t have to delve into the Internet and frantically search for “the 20 best ways to become an optimist.” For each person, this methodology is unique. After all, you and I are not robots to have a standard set of technical settings.

Say this mantra when you feel that you are about to plunge into the abyss of hopeless ennui. Breathe smoothly and deeply. Don’t pay attention to external stimuli. Most importantly, the power of affirmations must be truly believed. If you are a hardened pessimist, then simply take all the energy that you are channeling in a negative direction and turn the stream of consciousness toward the light. I even recommend to use visual images, it’s really easier to imagine the changes in your own consciousness.

Visualize your positive mantra and have it with you at all times. For example, write it on a small piece of paper or set it as a screensaver on your smartphone screen. This will make the energy message even stronger.

Obtain special rituals and symbols

It is not for nothing that there are some special amulets and actions in people’s lives, which they believe bring real luck. Take advantage of this interesting technique to become optimistic and stop already oppressing your consciousness with a stream of black thoughts. For example, create a specific ritual, charged with good luck. It is best to do it in the morning as a start on a productive day. This can be anything: putting your underwear inside out first, and then right side up; drinking a drink (morning tea or coffee) from a certain mug; a “lucky” tie tied in a special way; rising from the right foot; listening to one particular song; tapping on the table before leaving, etc.

In general, as you understand, the options are a wagon and a small cart. Just do not overdo it. Otherwise, you will not stand up with the left foot, but with the right, and will think all day that something will certainly go wrong. The ritual should bring lightness of mind and fill the soul with light.

What about the talismans? It’s all in the same spirit. Find a beautiful pebble or shell and always carry it in your pocket. Hang a magnet somewhere nearby in your workplace. Buy a special pen and sign all the documents only with it, piously believing that now the contract certainly will be profitable. The main thing – do not question the power of your talisman. You’ll see, life will soon start to get better.

Get outdoors more often

This advice is pretty cliché, but actually very effective. To banish bad thoughts from your head, you need, at least temporarily, to get out of a boring and depressing environment. Stay alone with yourself and immerse yourself in an analysis of the situation. And where is the best place to clear your head of “cockroaches”? Of course, in nature. Especially good to go somewhere in the woods or near a body of water. Concentrate on natural sounds. Let your thoughts be cleared of negativity. Just feel how big the world is, and how insignificant, in fact, any problems of the living creatures that inhabit it. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions. When your brain is in a relaxed state, even the most unpleasant answers will be accepted with the necessary amount of rationality. Put yourself in front of the fact and identify a few ways to get out of an unpleasant situation. See, there’s already a lot less negativity inside, too.

Change your environment to a more positive one

No, I don’t think it’s that easy. But think about it, how can you become a positive thinking person when everyone around you is trying to express their black thoughts. I call people like that toxic. Even if you came out of the house in the morning in a good mood, then talk to these individuals, by the evening in the head will live only blackness. And is such friendship worth your ruined life?

If you want to change something in your destiny, don’t be afraid to pull away from those who are pulling you down. Every person around you has the strongest psychological impact. And if there are only pessimists around, it will be almost impossible to escape from blackness and failure. Aim for those personalities whom you secretly envy. Let them be successful and bright enterprising people. Look up to them. Keep toxic comrades at a distance, so they do not infect you with their eternal discontent.

Develop a sense of humor

Seriously, sometimes it seems to me that without it it is simply unreal to become an optimist. So that the mood for positivity does not evaporate at the first problem, try to create a positive atmosphere. Laughter is the best medicine for the psyche, it relieves stress and eliminates irritability. Strong people always joke when they are hurt or scared, to get over a difficult moment with the least amount of emotional loss. It really does make life easier.

If you feel like the winning attitude has gone somewhere, try incorporating a sense of humor. It’s a tremendous force and sparkling energy that can recharge even a completely dead “battery” in the soul. And you do not have to have a standard perception of humor, identical to the rest of the people in your environment. The main thing is comfort and efficiency.

A striking example of non-standard jokes are representatives of the medical field. Certainly their humor is not for everyone. But without it it is almost unrealistic to remain calm and positive in such a difficult profession. So do not rush to send black humor to the trash. Even if no one understands something like this except you, use it for inner recharging and relieving emotional tension.

Take Responsibility for Your Life

Very often gloomy thoughts begin to visit the human mind from the realization that he cannot control his own destiny. However, such thinking has a powerful negative effect. This is how people begin to believe in all sorts of mysticism and sacred meanings, get into sects, and get caught up in religion. I have nothing against faith in general. But shifting the responsibility for one’s own life onto some mystical event or higher power is at least unwise. Instead of picking yourself up and starting to change your fate, you just sit back and wait for something unseen to drop a ton of happiness and money from above. It doesn’t work that way, my friend. The thorny path only grows roses if you clear the thorns yourself and take care of the fragrant seedlings. Nothing just falls from the sky in life. Understand that a person’s destiny is always in his hands. Failure is a normal phenomenon that every growing person faces. You can’t take that as a punishment from above. Shaken off, stood up, made conclusions and went on, trying not to commit a previous mistake. This is the only way to somehow get rid of the negativity in your own life.

Pay attention to success

Don’t dwell on your failures. This is the easiest way to slip into a pit of depression. Life is never all black or all white. Your path is a mixture of different shades. And it’s important to celebrate even the smallest victories. It really helps to gain wings and not lose faith in your own strength when you take another fall.

Get yourself a personal “success diary. Put there only good events. Reread the pages often, make notes, mentally praise yourself for courage and prudence. You yourself will not notice, as from a pessimist smoothly into the image of a positive person. Use this way to remind yourself of your hidden potential and inner strength when nothing seems to work and the earth literally falls from under your feet. So, my dear friend, I hope I’ve helped you understand your problem a little bit. Remember that every thought can affect the course of events in real life. Use it to channel your energy in a bright direction, thus ensuring success in business and a positive outlook on the world, no matter how unfriendly it may be. I want to wish you luck and remind you that all will surely be well.