Practicality and brutality: Top 10 men’s haircuts

The consequences of quarantine can be felt even in fashion on your hair. Now we want to be more practical and shorter. But even in this category, different variations are possible. You have in front of you the ten best actual men’s hairstyles of 2020.

After a protracted self-isolation, many men thought that it would be nice to wear a haircut, which is easy to maintain at home by yourself. It is assumed that by the end of this year, or even longer, we will give preference to a laconic and simple hairstyle. It is comfortable, affordable, practical and modern. And incredibly stylish.

Again, at the peak of popularity came back manly options: short hair, hard and asymmetrical forms. They are complemented by shaved whisky and beveled bangs. Hair on the back of the head is shortened or shaved at all. In short, there are many options for a haircut to be in trend. Tell us about the most interesting ones.

  1. High And Tight

Translated as “high and hard”. The popularity of this style was provided by the U.S. Marine Corps. It is in his ranks is very common such a masculine hairstyle. To create the image of a brutal Marine, you need to cut the top hair exactly and briefly (3-6 millimeters), and shave the back of the head and whisky.

  1. Sampled undercut

The updated version of the popular style has a noticeable parting, which separates the strands of different lengths: shorter and longer. This is not the most universal version. It suits brave stylists who love to create extraordinary images and are ready to bother with everyday styling.

  1. Short haircut by machine

An eternal classic for those who do not have time for laying. True, bald or very short, millimeter hair is still not in fashion. But what are the trends, when convenience comes first! If you want the “hedgehog” to look stylish and relevant, ask your hairdresser to make interesting differences between the length of hair in different areas.

  1. Military-British

The British haircut has long enjoyed well-deserved popularity among men. This year, stylists offer to try its military-version. It consists of a short haircut at the back of the head, a long multilayered bangs and a clear parting. This version fits perfectly not only in everyday or sports style, but also in business negotiations will look appropriate.

  1. Military-Canadian

It is almost the same British, but with some variations. The main thing here is smooth gradients between the levels of hair. This year, it is fashionable to comb the Canadian side. Otherwise, the features are the same: shaved whiskey, longer strands on top and bangs, stacked at the top.

  1. Men’s rack

A variant for the bravest. Carrot can also look very masculine. To make sure of this, it is enough to look at the actor Johnny Depp, who walked for quite a long time in this very image. A proper styling of hair of this length may well turn you into a sex symbol. However, the carpet does not fit all face shapes. So do not rush to grow it. First, weigh the pros and cons.

  1. Top bill

The provocative and unusual haircut is not the first season at the top of popularity. Its main features are very short shaved whisky and long hair on the top. They can be styled in different ways: braid a pigtail, make a ponytail or a high bundle. This hairstyle looks especially good when combined with a lush beard. The top bill will give you plenty of room for experimentation.

  1. Elongated bean

If you are not afraid of long hair and follow the trends, this option for you. Bob version 2020 looks simple and sophisticated. Long bangs are styled sideways. And with the remaining strands you can experiment: align them or leave them in a light mess.

  1. Hi-fayd

Laconic fashion haircut, which does not need to be styled at all – what could be better? The “high” variation of the fade implies a clear contrast between the length of hair on different parts of the head. Whisky and the back of the head shave almost to zero, the average level makes it shorter, and on the top leave the longest strands, which will just stick up.

  1. French Crop

This style is reminiscent of the previous one: the hair is left only on the top, and everyone around shaves. The remaining strands are cut with filleting scissors to create a stylish wave. The hairstyle looks good on men of different ages. It is very easy to style. It is enough just to wash your head and dry it naturally. The hairstyling will perfectly hold itself, without styling tools. That is why the jacket crop is ideal for all those who do not like to pay long fees in the morning.

All these options look youthful and even a little crazy. But, in fact, they will suit not only young guys. To wear trendy haircut at any age, it is important to create a generally harmonious image: to choose stylish clothes, shoes, accessories. And, of course, to throw away all stereotypes.