Prints in men’s clothing: fashion trends 2020

Most men prefer clothes of simple silhouettes and discreet shades, versatile and comfortable. Modern fashion takes this into account and offers models and prints that not only help to look relevant, but also can be easily combined with each other. In this article we will focus on prints of spring season 2020.

Clear rhythm of plaid fabric

It’s probably hard to find a more rigorous, understated and elegant print than a cage. This drawing perfectly suits the stronger sex, emphasizes their attractiveness and masculinity. In spring 2020 the cage will be in neutral natural tones – gray, beige, all shades of brown, noble Bordeaux, khaki, olive, dark blue.

Dressed in a plaid fabric from head to toe can, perhaps, only the most outdated fashionists. For stylish, but not causing everyday images is enough one piece of clothing with a rhythmic print, such as a coat or jacket.

Please note that the size of the cell should be selected based on the proportions of the figure:

To large tall men drawing in the form of simple geometrical cells of the rectangular form, so-called windowpane or “window frame” will approach. The classical print “tartan”, also known as “a Scottish cage”, and contrast drawing “madras” will approach. Tall men, on the contrary, it is better to choose clothes with small drawing or with drawing of low contrast. Ideal options will be the most aristocratic of all prints – the Prince of Wales cage, consisting of the intersection of several thin lines, “broken cage” or “dog tooth”, as well as made in the warm natural shades of “hunting cage” (English version of the name – “gun club check”).

Cage coat itself is an accent, so do not overload the image with bright accessories. For everyday or relaxed images combine it with dark blue jeans, shoes in the tone of the main coat fabric and monochrome turtleneck.

For those men who prefer a sporty outfit style, there is an original way to combine fashion trends with familiar sneakers and knitted trousers. Instead of checkered coat tops, choose sports cut jackets with a checkered stitch pattern. This is a great way to blend a strict cage into a democratic image of a modern young man.

Prints in the style of modern art

The fashion of 2020 is largely based on the fashion of the 90s. The hypertrophied volume of shoulders, the abundance of velour and satin, the shine of metallized fabrics, rhinestones and bright colours are again at the peak of popularity today and fill the fashion catwalks and pages of glossy magazines. It’s not easy to write such a riot of colours into a restrained men’s wardrobe, but possible.

Rich colors and contrast prints have found their place on everyday jumper, sweatshirt and hoodie for men. Smooth cotton and blended fabrics have become the perfect “canvas” for graphic designs in the style of contemporary art. Everything is fashionable: large inscriptions, logos, photo prints, black-and-white and colored drawings, ironic comics and provocative statements – who has the courage to do anything.

To “reduce the degree” of images with such bright prints, combine them with straight trousers of neutral shades, jeans without heavy abrasions and holes, monochrome casual shoes or white sneakers. If the aim of the image is to shade, you can add bright accessories, coloured shoes and avant-garde details, such as a bold haircut. In this case, a bright print will be part of a whole image and harmoniously complement it.

Prints for those who do not like prints

If the clothes with a pattern seems too defiant for you, but you still want to follow fashion, you can reduce the amount of fabric with a print as much as possible and increase the number of monochrome items of clothing in the image. For example, you can add a plaid accessory to your look with an elegant monochrome coat. By the way, in the coming season the most fashionable shade of men’s coats – warm beige or camel. This color will perfectly complement the brown shades of a plaid scarf or men’s bag and create an aristocratic image of an English gentleman.

In men’s fashion of spring season 2020 will be present animalistic prints and always up-to-date timeless camouflage. You can add a camouflage knitted hat with black jeans and a voluminous khaki park jacket or add… socks with tiger print to the classic office look with pants and blazer. Choose what’s closest to you. Bold? Courageous! Stylish? Yes, it is! You are guaranteed to earn a reputation as a man who follows fashion trends and has its own unique style.