Problems of adulthood

How often did you say to yourself: “Life did not prepare me for this”? In order to avoid such unexpected situations, we will tell you about the main components of adult life. What is adult life and what awaits you in the future? Adult life seems to be an interesting fairy tale, which will be filled with adventures and pleasant things. But you know very well that expectations are wrong and somewhere naive. Adult life will be quite different. Adult life is more about a combination of work and small breaks of rest. Most of it you will fight against something, always busy and run somewhere. But these are still flowers. Real life is not as exciting as television, YouTube, installations and beautiful pictures on the Internet. 95% of life is just a routine job and business. There are no instructions for adult life, but you definitely will not like many things. Gradually, you will learn how to get out of difficult situations, to struggle with difficulties and come out the winner, but all this will take away your strength. What don’t you know about adult life? Being warned means being armed. What life has not prepared you for, but can happen at any moment?

Adult life problems that are waiting for you

1. Theoretically, you can do whatever you want. But in reality, there are commitments, or you can not afford them.

2. There is nothing free in life except cheese in a mousetrap.

3. Same days and repeated actions will make all the days merge into one infinite.

4. You will have to pay for all your money, which you have so hard to earn.

5. You will be able to count your friends on the fingers of one hand.

6. Most of the money you earn will go to pay your bills.

7. You will seem to achieve a lot, but more often you will be disappointed.

8. Adult life is a change, most of which is out of control. It is annoying.

9. You will always lack the time or energy to do what you want.

10. You can be alone even in a relationship.

11. Full of sleep and rest will always be missed.

12. Buying and cooking takes an awful lot of time.

13. Life will be heavily hanged by luck and luck, not just by your hard work.

14. Maintaining athletic shape and figure will become much harder.

15. You laboriously invest your resources in friendship, work or relationships. But you can lose everything in no time.

16. With age, making friends, finding acquaintances or entering into a relationship becomes more and more difficult.

17. people around you will expect that you know what you’re doing. And you do not know yourself.

18. Whistleblowers, foes and enemies are much more than I suspected.

19 Hard work is not always rewarded, no matter how much you want to.

20. In youth, you will have more sex than in adult and family life.

21. You will meet many people who fought for their dreams, but were defeated.

22. Parents will age strongly and noticeably, and you will see it.

23. Work takes up most of your day when you are awake.

24. Everything you buy will own you. The car, the houses, the things will take away from you.

25. Debts, credits and installments are the best thing not to mess with, but you still have to.

26. It is important to learn to love your job, so that you don’t have to be unhappy all your life.

27. Ordering food or going to a bar always takes a lot of money.

28. you are not special at all, as I thought before. You are the most ordinary.

29 You can be homeless, unemployed and lonely if you are carefree.

30. Medicine, doctors and dentists are very expensive.

31. As a teenager you have a huge potential, and then it melts before your eyes.

32. You are directly responsible for the result of your choice.

33. No one owes you anything. No one will give you anything for free. There will be no free.

34. If there is money, to do the favorite thing, there is no time. If there is money and time, there is no health.

35. In the mornings you look bad, even if you slept all night.

36. It is necessary to clean something at home all the time. This process of cleaning and dirt is endless.

37. What are the other problems of adult life? Back bumps and stairs are a common part of adult life. Nobody plays by the rules.

38. You can’t quit your job just because you don’t like it.

39. Almost all conscious life revolves around work, food, cleaning and the right things. It sucks.

40. You won’t have time, money and energy left for your hobbies.

41. Depression and eternal anxiety become the norm.

42. In adulthood, there are more and more responsibilities than entertainment.

43. Hangover becomes much stronger and heavier.

44. Raising children is difficult and expensive, but in return you may hear ungratefulness.

45. You will have less hair, teeth and health.

46. You are never sure that even the closest people will not betray you.

47. You will hate yourself for not being much smarter and braver before.

48. Some adults will never grow up, but will have to interact with them.

49. Every day you choose. You will live with the result of your choice until the end of days.

50. One day your body will start to fail at the most important moment.

51. Adult life is really sad and boring, just like your parents were.

52. There is always someone smarter, more beautiful, richer or more successful.

53. You will spend priceless time on trivial things that are not worth it.

54. All your weekend will be spent on useless things, cleaning, business and fuss.

55. You will not be able to start your life over again. You are already worn out enough not to be new.

56. You have money, but it doesn’t mean you can spend it.

57. You can’t make love with young girlfriends anymore.

58. The body will hurt in different places and at different times.

59. The most influential positions are given to those who have learned to suck, betray and manipulate.

60. You can’t quit, because you have numerous mouths to feed.

61. Death comes unexpectedly and takes the people closest to you.

62. You can’t change what you want most.

63. Fatigue. You look and feel tired all the time.

64. When money finally appears, there is no energy, motivation or desire to spend it.

65. No one really cares about your problems.

66. You do not have the endless energy and drive that you had yesterday.

67. In adult life, it is very easy to stumble and never get up after.

68. You will never go back to school. You have made many mistakes that you will never correct.

69. Some dreams will never come true, as it is not terrible to admit it.

70. You will feel that your youth is fading, even if you are not an old man yet. The list would be shorter if we wrote the positive aspects of adult life. The problems of adult life are much more than the joys and entertainment. But the most terrible thing in life is to realize its worthlessness. Even in your life, you are a minor character who is not interesting to anyone. Even a supporting role would be good, but you only have a role in a dubious crowd. The problems of adult life are a trifle, compared to the uncertainty of the chosen path. You can’t get rid of the feeling that you took a wrong turn somewhere. What would happen if you took a different path? Where would you find yourself and who would you be? But you ended up where you were. But there is nothing you can do about it. Adult life, ruthless you…