Products that will help you keep your breath fresh for a long time

Why does it smell bad?

Dentists say the two most common causes of this non-fatal but unpleasant ailment are gastrointestinal disease and dental or gum health problems.

Can affect the freshness of your breath by using poor-quality hygiene products (expired), irregular brushing, smoking and an unhealthy diet.

The predominance of popular fast foods (chips, burgers, sodas, etc.) in your diet will not add to the beauty of your smile or the freshness of your breath. Remember: the more carbohydrates in the foods you eat often, the greater the chance of ruining your smile and the condition of your teeth.

How can you solve the problem quickly and painlessly?

Before you start to solve the problem with your breath, you should definitely visit your dentist – he will determine the cause of the complaints and suggest a competent treatment. If there are no serious problems in his part, it is quite acceptable to seek help from the recommendations of folk medicine or the advice of nutritionists.

The experts of the portal “Healthy Eating” named a few products that will help make your breath fresher:

Herbs and spices. Parsley, rosemary, cardamom, fennel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, basil and, of course, mint will help you quickly regain fresh breath. And on top of that, you’ll replenish vitamins and micronutrients in your body.

Citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, limes and other fruits rich in vitamin C help keep your breath fresh. You can often solve the problem by eating just one small fruit or drinking a glass of natural juice.

Probiotics. The beneficial substances found in yogurt, for example, help reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide, which is released as a byproduct of anaerobic bacteria. Which means yogurt lovers will always have a nice smile and fresh breath.

Vegetables and fruits. They are an invaluable source of healthy fiber, which helps cleanse the intestines. But poor bowel function can also cause bad breath. Most fruits and vegetables also stimulate saliva flow, which helps clear your mouth of food debris and bacteria.

Water. When the body lacks fluids, saliva production automatically decreases as the body tries to conserve moisture. To keep saliva flowing, drink enough water throughout the day and rinse your mouth occasionally with clean water.