Projection navigator

Navigators are firmly in our lives. They greatly facilitate the everyday life of motorists, so they are in great demand. And this is well understood by manufacturers of such devices, the competition among which is increasing every year. Employees of the company Garmin decided to find an interesting way around the “rivals”. Innovators have developed a unique navigator, which is able to project a map image on the windshield of the car.

In order for the gadget called Garmin Head-Up Display to start performing its functional duties, it must be connected to a smartphone, which should already have a special mobile application. The device receives all the necessary information from the smartphone and displays it visually on the windscreen. But it is important to glue a special transparent reflective film, which comes complete with the navigation device, to the projection area.

Today you can buy the device on the official website of the manufacturer at a price of 130 dollars. The device works with a car cigarette lighter, so you should take care of the purchase of the adapter and the presence of a free socket in it in advance.