Promising business ideas until 2020

In this article there are business ideas on which you can make good money in 2020! Traditionally, the latest business novelties and business ideas for 2020 are covered in a new article for you. These are promising startups, many of which we will help you organize. Leave the application form below.

We already have the material for next year, which you can read in the article Business ideas 2021. Relevance of the search for unusual and promising ideas for business remains always. Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs want success, which can be achieved through the right and simple idea.

Not all business projects of the year 2020 are complicated in their implementation. On the contrary, they are simple and almost ingenious. Each of them generates income, helps save money, and satisfies the curiosity and need of modern customers.

So, in the near future it is possible to start developing and opening really interesting and necessary projects, which are in the TOP 8, these are the following directions:

Business ideas

Below you can find a list of new unique business offers, which do not require large expenses to implement, search for special premises and equipment. Costs for them are minimal. Business ideas are suitable for people 22-23 years and older, experienced entrepreneurs and beginners. Here is a list of ideas:

Production of new types of paving slabs and decorative stone is the production of finishing materials using a special technology from a base that shines in the dark. Business ideas This franchise provides options for the production of paving tiles with the effect of 3D, paths and paths in the form of chipped luminous parts. Production of finishing materials based on glowing stone imitating malachite includes both three-dimensional interior elements (fireplaces, shelves, finishing walls) and small souvenirs and figurines.

Business idea 2020 Franchise souvenirs on souvenirs is a great business idea this year. The market is very wide – flower shops selling live pot plants; souvenir shops; shops for gardeners; cookware shops, shopping centres; wholesale centres of household goods; interior designers and landscape designers. For more details see the article.

business idea 2020 New pet franchise Open its own production of useful goods for animals. It is its own small factory with 100% payback.

You could make a lot of useful goods that not only sell well, but also solve the problems of thousands of people. How, sometimes at night, we lack the lighting in lattes and bowls of pets! With the franchise, this problem is solved. The income from production is stable. There are enough buyers of goods. Details in the article.

business idea 2020 The production of gypsum products is the production of finishing materials and souvenirs from a special material that shines in the dark.

An entrepreneur can choose one specialization, such as making garden figures or finishing tiles, or can provide a full range of services. The advantage of this offer is that the mini factory for the production of products can be installed in the premises of your own home, it does not require special care. Opening such a business is carried out with minimum investment, and the terms of production are much lower than in classical methods.

Business at the shooting gallery. Installing a shooting gallery in any passable place 100% will bring you income always. Modern children’s attractions – business on realization of attractions with modern technologies thanks to which immersion of the person in other world is possible. They are designed for all ages.

The uniqueness of the idea is that you can both participate directly in the adventure (interactive rooms that recreate the atmosphere of a fairytale world), and watch (museums dedicated to mysticism or extinct worlds). These are activities that are not currently available in entertainment centres, ensuring a good flow of clients. Adequate mobility of attractions eliminates a decrease in demand.

Business in a photo is a business of its own, based on printing photos

The uniqueness of the proposals lies in non-standard printing methods on a variety of media. They can be fresh flowers and cachepot, souvenirs of a non-standard form and the use of glowing ink in the dark. Thanks to such business it is possible to create each time a unique product, proceeding from requirements of the client or subjects of an approaching holiday.

Business ideas Business on an attraction is a real experience of starting a business in the entertainment sector. It’s easy enough to make money at the opening of an attraction if everything is set up right at the beginning. You do not need to buy very expensive equipment for this. It is enough to find and buy a simple set of equipment with an original concept for entertainment.

These proposals are not designed for one year, but have great opportunities to expand and discover new related areas. Accordingly, in time such business will not lose its relevance. Besides, these franchises are the most reliable option for the beginning businessman as they offer unique ideas which demand is checked up, and also provide technical and information support at all stages. The main thing is not to chicken out, and call and find out everything for yourself!

Other relevant proposals in 2020

More investments will be needed to implement the ideas listed below. However, many people choose these niches and see themselves in this very business. After all, there is a consumer, and therefore there will be a profit.

Business ideas Shop one product – opening a shop with a narrow specialization allows you to bring rare and unique products. The usual mono-shops are confectionery and bakery, gradually appear dairy, meat and fish shops, open tents with fruit. There is no need to be afraid of experiments, they are usually in demand – shops selling coffee or cheese, dried fruits or spices, sauces or honey. Such business will win not at the expense of high turnover, but thanks to regular customers and high prices for original products.

Business ideas Training courses are an offer that will be relevant always and in any area. The main thing is to choose the right topics and organize training. Specialization in preparatory classes for school, the provision of specialized training with the issuance of certificates for further work – this is a serious area that requires certification of the educational institution and is in constant demand. In addition, it is possible to organize courses related to people’s leisure time – dancing, handicrafts, meetings for travelers and mini-lectures on psychology. Training programmes can be shaped in such a way that they are more associated with an interesting pastime than with learning. The demand for such products is supported by the desire of society for development.

Business ideas City greenhouses are the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and greens on the rooftops of city houses. Such a greenhouse does not require complex irrigation and lighting systems, all services can be connected directly to the house. There are two types of sales organization options – to open a point of sale of fresh and organic vegetables, or initially organize such a greenhouse for a certain circle of people who will pay for regular delivery of goods.

Business ideas Selling and sewing clothes – a business that is relevant at any time. Prospects for opening can be guaranteed to those who follow fashion trends and focuses on the mass consumer or opens a highly specialized individual tailoring for demanding customers. Nowadays, expensive and identical things are not popular, but the quality and fitness for figure, individual image is valued.

Mini-hotels and hostels – a new way of doing hotel business. Tourists prefer to spend money on impressions rather than on the expensive situation in a room where they only stay overnight. Coziness and minimum conditions for accommodation, which just satisfy such establishments, are important. To start this business does not require additional income, permission to build premises, etc. – it is possible to rent a cottage or buy two neighboring apartments.

Prospective ideas for starting a business in the coming years do not require much effort in terms of development and planning, you can take advantage of ready-made proposals.

As well as no less profitable and popular can become business ideas 2020 – 2025 such as:

Idea No. 1: A labyrinth in corn

Growing corn isn’t just for harvest! And at the same time to make a profit much more!

This is real if you are smart and think outside the box, just like Brett Herbst, an entrepreneur from Idaho. He came up with a unique and simple idea for business – a labyrinth on a cornfield. After graduating from university, Herbst bought an empty field and planted it with corn, but not for the purpose of harvesting and selling crops, but to build a maze there for adventure tourists. Brett read the idea of this unusual business in a magazine and decided to repeat the success of an entrepreneur from Utah at his ranch in Idaho. All work on the construction of a maze in corn and its development, he carried out himself.

To the surprise of the locals and Brett himself, the maze in the corn was enjoyed by tourists, people willingly bought two-dollar tickets for an unusual entertainment.

Local newspapers wrote about the unusual maze in the corn, which served as a good advertisement for Brett and provided a huge flow of tourists from other cities. The popularity of the new entertainment grew, and over time Brett began to receive orders from other farmers to create similar mazes.

Brett registered his own company called The MAiZE and started selling franchises. All the famous newspapers and magazines wrote about his unusual idea of business, filmed on TV channels. Due to such popularity, franchise sales grew at a franchise rate. For several years of the company’s existence, Brett sold more than 1800 franchises to various countries around the world. His income, despite the pronounced seasonality, is in the millions of dollars.

Idea No. 2: The Solar Room

This is an interesting business idea for cities with harsh and cold climates. In which, residents very quickly miss the summer sun and warm sand. All you need to do is create a sandy beach indoors and install a simulator of sunlight, to simulate the sunlight indoors.

The principle of operation of the artificial sun consists in that in a premise the hemispherical reflector which collects a light stream from a light source and with great efficiency redirects it downwards is established.

The intensity of the light source and the diameter of the hemispherical reflector depend on the size of the room. Example calculation: reflector with a diameter of 1.2 m per 20 m2 of a room.

The base of the equipment is made of aluminium and the hemispherical reflector is made of high purity aluminium.

Depending on the business idea, a sunlight simulator can be used as the main light source or go as part of the procedural equipment to simulate a full sun day (sunrise – noon – sunset). The duration of the procedure is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During this time, special flavourings and sound accompaniment are included to enhance the relaxation effect. As an option, a source of UV radiation can be used.

No. 3 Original business idea – Bath on wheels

Hot steam, broom, scents of fresh wood, and then – ooh in the crispy snow – this is a gift! Now you do not need to go to the country, you can not even go anywhere, the bath will come to you!

Choose any place in the city – near a park or a grove, where the silence and pure snow, or even in the yard of your home or office, and bother with friends in a real Russian sauna on birch wood. A gift for real Siberians!

You can ride such a sauna in the streets of your native city, installing it on a car trailer or a truck body.

The sauna is covered with wood, there is a steam room, shower and relaxation area with TV, music and DVD. It is possible to leave the bathhouse outside the city at an extra cost of transportation.

What is not a business idea?

#4 business idea in the aquarium

The miraculous healing properties of Dr. Garr Ruf’s fish have been known in many Asian countries for almost five centuries, where they are used not only for skin cleansing, but also for treatment of various skin diseases, including psoriasis, fatigue relief, recovery from stress, and toning up. During this time Fish Doctor has proved its effectiveness all over the world, and now it is widely used in many spa salons and treatment and recovery facilities.

These fish are named by doctors for a reason – they are able to clean the cornea layer of human skin, cleaning pores, destroying bacteria and improving blood circulation through a micro-massage point, which has a very positive effect on human health in general.

The result of exposure to the Fish Doctors can be summarized as follows:

Cleansing dead areas of the epithelium, purifying and opening pores, improving blood circulation and a micro-massage of the skin.

The wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect is due to a special enzyme that is contained in the saliva of fish and improves the regeneration of the epithelium.

Soothing and anti-stress effect, due to a mild effect on the central nervous system.

Removal of puffiness and leg fatigue.

Lack of any allergic complications.

It’s not addictive.

No age restrictions.

It is believed that Harra Rufa, bred in artificial conditions, loses much of her natural healing properties. The real fish doctor lives in the ponds of Jordan, Turkey, Euphrates and its fishing is strictly prohibited, in some countries falls under the most severe penalties by the state. In this connection, all fish for treatment is mass produced in many Asian countries artificially, but in conditions as close to natural as possible. Delivery of fish is carried out in special thermal containers, in containers saturated with oxygen by air transport, after which there is a mandatory quarantine, adaptation under the supervision of specialists and certification of the State Veterinary Service.

Certificate of the Veterinary Service confirms the breed of fish, as well as contains an opinion on their health, absence of diseases and suitability for use in spa centers and health centers.

It is necessary to distinguish Garra Rufu, who has no teeth and eats only a cornea layer of skin from the Chinese fish CHIN CHIN, which is often presented as a fish doctor. Chin-chin bites the skin and eats capillary blood – the procedure with this fish can be dangerous and prohibited in many countries.

Agree that the ideas are not only promising, but also new for your kind. I’m sure none of them are represented in your city yet.