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Promotion in Instagram free: 4 methods

Promotion of Instagram without financial injections is an optimal option for “young” accounts that have not yet formed a large number of subscribers.

Although, it should be admitted that the true effectiveness of free methods has recently been reduced by half. They were really working when the level of competition in this social network was much lower.

Today, paid methods demonstrate a higher level of efficiency, but if the budget is limited, you should also take advantage of such areas of audience attraction.

  1. Promotion of hashtags

Hashtag is a good tool for finding a publication by an interested audience. Tags are selected for each photo, record, which most accurately describes its content. Keywords are also used.

Tip! Analyze which tags your competitors use!

Recording should have about 20 tags, and the photo itself – to be beautiful, bright, attracting attention.

To avoid problems, there is no threat of a ban, you should follow the following rules when using hashtags:

hashtags should be written with your hands, not copied;

not to use criminal, pornographic, political tags;

not to promote violence;

use a different set of tags for different publications.

To select keywords to use in tags, use the Wordstat service. Focus on low and medium frequency requests. If you use high-frequency queries, you will lose the competition to promoted accounts.

Tip! Be sure to come up with your own hashtags with the name of your account, separate headings.

I strongly recommend not to use spam hashtags – these include #follow4follow #followme and the like. They will not allow the target audience to come, but will significantly reduce the coverage and the final statistics.

Advantages of promoting hashtags

It’s a good option for young accounts.

No financial investment is required.

Shortcomings in hashtag promotion

High level of competition.

Low “profitability” indicator.

Real efficiency

With high-quality content, hashtags will allow you to recruit about 1000 new subscribers in just 15 days.

  1. Mutual PR

The essence of the method is to publish a post on your page where another blogger is mentioned. He makes a similar post on his page, mentioning you.

Please note that you can search for bloggers either on your own or through specialized sites. For example, this service is Commenter 2000.

As a result, subscribers of another blogger subscribe to your account. The main thing is that you get real subscribers, not bots!

Tip! The #SFS hashtag can be used to find bloggers who want to participate in mutual PR.

However, you should not excessively publish such posts in your account. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing your already formed audience. She’ll go with the others. You only need to run #SFS in individual, significant situations. For example, in an action.

The advantages of mutual PR…

It’s free.

No bots coming.

Shortcomings of mutual PR

P.R. recordings aren’t very interesting.

No one will guarantee that another blogger’s subscribers will subscribe to you.

Real efficiency.

It’s hard to calculate because it depends on several factors. Including who’s giving you the PR. But with the right approach, it’s quite real to get about 2,000 additional subscribers.

  1. Conducting flash mobs

The task is to get in the stream of this or that popular movement, thanks to which recording in the account will attract an audience by hashtag. For example, among these flash mobs, it is worth mentioning a movement with the tag #was taken. These are viral tags that will help to promote the account in Instagram.

The advantages of flash mobs

High level of popularity of flash mobs.

Free of charge.

Shortcomings of flash mobs

There’s no guarantee of attracting subscribers.

The result cannot be predicted.

Actual efficiency

Depending on the flash mob and the interest of the recording, it is still possible to attract from hundreds to thousands of subscribers. Or even more. It is important that the post stands out clearly for the best among others involved in the flash mob.

  1. Mass-following and mass-laiking

It’s simple, although it takes a long time. You have to put likes to other accounts, subscribe to them. This will make your account visible to other users.

Tip! You should subscribe, like accounts that are similar in theme to yours.

All actions must be done manually. Although you can use services and profile services. In order not to get under Instagram ban, you don’t need to subscribe to more than 100 accounts per day. Also, make intervals between subscriptions, likes, so that the actions were as organic as possible.

Please note! This method is no longer as effective as it used to be. Most users do not pay attention to likes, subscriptions from unfamiliar accounts.

Advantages of maspholoving and maslaiking

You can use specialized services.

It is realistic to select special criteria for subscribers.

No need for financial investments.

Shortcomings of mass-wholling and mass-layaking.

Probability of a ban.

It’s hard to do it by hand for a long time.

Every day you have to spend some time doing things.

Real effectiveness

You can recruit several thousand new subscribers in 2-3 weeks. This method is well suited for shop owners who are only launching their own shops: you need to subscribe to the target audience. Sales growth is directly proportional to the increase in the audience.

Promotion in Instagram is paid for: 4 methods.

Today such methods guarantee efficiency. With their help it will be possible to find a really target audience. Increasing the number of subscribers is faster.

Please note! Even a small budget – about $100 – is enough to start paid promotion to Instagram in the first months.

  1. Targeted advertising.

The essence – advertising, customized to show a particular audience, depending on certain parameters:




geographical location;


It is necessary to start work:

transfer your profile to an Instagram business account;

link it to your Facebook account;

fill in your personal account in the Ads Manager service;

choose a currency.

The option to create and launch an advertising campaign is now available. For this purpose it is necessary:

choose a target (popularity, conversion, lids);

specify a region – a separate campaign is recommended for each city;

keep the company;

specify budget for a day or for the whole campaign (the second option assumes that the service will automatically divide the budget by the specified number of days).

Advantages of promotion to Instagram using targeted advertising

An option to track statistics is available, which will allow changes to be made to the campaign.

Ability to select a specific target audience.

You can check the demand/popularity level of different advertising offers.

Shortcomings of promotion to Instagram using targeted advertising.

Financial investment is needed.

Results are difficult to predict.

Real efficiency

Directly depends on two factors – the size of the budget and the correct campaign configuration. If everything is done correctly, the cost per subscriber will fluctuate within 10 cents.

  1. Seeding on social networks

The Direction helps to attract users, the target audience from other social networks. To do this, you need to perform several consecutive steps.

Select a group/community with the target audience.

Analyze the level of involvement of each individual publication.

Use profile services such as LiveDune to assess the rating of your publications.

Make sure the audience is alive, writing adequate and meaningful comments, reviews under the posts.

Please contact the administration with a proposal for cooperation.

It is necessary to periodically mention the product/account in the posts of the group with an active link.

Regular mentioning will attract an audience.

Tip! Facilitate the search for a group whose administration is ready to cooperate, will help platform Sociate.

Advantages of sowing in social networks

Coverage of a solid part of the target audience.

Promptness of the result.

Disadvantages of sowing in social networks.

Difficulties in estimating real statistics.

Investments in several thematic posts are needed.

Real efficiency

If you order several publications at once, posted with a certain frequency, it is quite real to recruit about 10,000 live subscribers in a month, which will have a positive impact on sales.

The indicator of audience growth is influenced by the quality of published content, audience activity, the size of the advertising budget.

  1. Conducting contests

The lottery of valuable and useful, real prizes will activate the audience and ensure the influx of new subscribers.

By the way, it is recommended to hold contests with an established audience of at least 2000 subscribers.

There are three types of contests. The results in the vast majority of cases are determined by a random number generator.

Giveaway. There are several bloggers participating in them. They jointly agree on an organization and throw in a valuable prize. The conditions for participants are to subscribe to all accounts. This method allows attracting subscribers.

Drawing of a prize. In this case, it is necessary not only to subscribe to the account, but also to fulfill certain requirements. For example, make a repost, mark friends, etc. There are also more difficult conditions – to write a slogan, etc.

The best photo. For example, with the product of your store or related to the subject of your account. The photo participants publish on their page, but with your hashtag. It will not only track all participants, but also attract new subscribers. Your page will also be marked with a hashtag.

Advantages of holding contests

Coverage of a large number of users.

Promptness of increasing the number of subscribers.

Shortcomings of competitions

The account should have at least 2,000 subscribers – ideally, real, not bots.

Financial investments are needed to buy the prize.

Real efficiency

If you choose a successful contest direction, you can achieve a “virus” effect. Thanks to this, the number of subscribers can increase by several thousand or even reach tens of thousands.

  1. Advertising from other bloggers.

One of the most common and effective methods to attract audiences to Instagram. The essence of the method is as follows:

to find a popular blogger;

order an advertisement for your account from him;

some of the subscribers of such a blogger will certainly be interested in you.

Pay attention! The effectiveness of the method is due to the fact that people trust your favorite blogger, so they will listen to his recommendations.

At Instagram, many bloggers are happy to advertise in their accounts. After all, this is the main way to earn money. You can search for a blogger manually by viewing popular accounts on your topic. Or you can take advantage of specialized exchanges, which offer bloggers open to advertising offers. Among these exchanges is worth noting Getblogger and LabelUp, but there are many others.

Remember that you can achieve the desired effect if your audience will be as close as possible to the account of the blogger on which you plan to give advertising.

It is recommended that you analyze your audience before submitting a request for advertising collaboration. To do this, ask your blogger for account statistics.

Advertising advantages of other bloggers

Probability of reaching a large audience.

Working directly with the target audience.

High efficiency.

The credibility of the blogger plays in your favor.

Shortcomings of advertising from other bloggers.

Financial investments are necessary – sometimes even significant.

The result is not always predictable.

Real efficiency

Using the power of the opinion leader’s account for promotion in Instagram is an excellent choice. It can be really effective, but only if you choose the right account for your advertisement. But you need to understand who the target audience of your profile and blogger profile is.

Advertising in Instagram: Summing up

Promotion to Instagram should be done gradually, without any sharp jumps and jerks, regularly working to increase the number of subscribers. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly monitor the statistics in order to understand the effectiveness of the method used.

It is recommended to use several methods to get high guaranteed results in the initial stages. This will allow you to understand which method is the most rational for you and to further focus on it.