Proper nutrition: what to replace with what?

In order to safely lose weight and maintain a figure, diets are not suitable. This diet can only help temporarily, and even then, not always. It is much more effective to change your eating habits to the right ones. In this case, you do not risk a breakdown due to the fact that for a week you have been sitting on one oatmeal or kefir.

A healthy diet implies sufficient consumption of different foods: porridge, cereals, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits. It is important that the body gets all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. But at the same time, all nutritionists recommend to completely abandon some unhealthy food:

sugar and sweets;

bread, baked goods and sweets;

mayonnaise and sauces with preservatives;

sodas and juices.

For those who have decided to switch to healthy food, it may seem that without these products it will be difficult to eat both tasty and healthy. But this is not the case. All the above mentioned harmful food can be replaced by its useful analogues.

How to replace sugar with proper nutrition

In some quantities, carbohydrates are essential to our body. These are sources of energy needed for our muscles and brain to work. But then why do dietitians so unanimously prohibit sweets? The fact that chocolates, sweets, cookies and similar products cause a sharp jump in blood sugar. To absorb it, you need a certain dose of insulin. And all the excess is stored in the form of fat reserves. That’s why doctors recommend simple “fast” carbohydrates from sweets to prefer the complex “slow”, which are contained in fruits, vegetables, cereals.

What can replace a sweet:

For tea and hot drinks, it is better to use sugar substitutes or consume them without any additives;

Sugar-containing foods should be preferred to stevia, a natural glucose-free sweetener;

chocolate can only be black, preferably elite, with a high percentage of cocoa;

try to have a variety of fruits, nuts, honey on your table instead of sweets or cookies.

Flakes and ready breakfasts are not as useful as you might think. Despite the fact that some contain whole grains, most of them are corn flakes. Therefore, such mixes still contain a lot of “fast” carbohydrates. Instead, it is better to have breakfast in the morning with oatmeal or wheat cooked on coconut milk.

Than to replace baked goods with good nutrition

White wheat flour and its products are prohibited if you want to keep your figure slim and trim. It contains a lot of starch, a “fast” carbohydrate that helps you gain weight. At the same time, all the vitamins and nutrients are left in bran, which are removed to make the flour so white.

The main danger of flour products is a maximum of carbohydrates with a minimum of useful substances. What can replace white bread and buns:

It is recommended to eat bread with bran from oatmeal, rye, buckwheat flour coarse grinding;

Dietary breads made of airy rice grains, buckwheat, corn are also suitable;

for homemade baking, wholemeal will be suitable – it has a lot of fiber, which is necessary for proper bowel function.

The main principle in this case – the carbohydrates to be consumed must be complex. In the intestine, they are split into glucose gradually, which helps maintain its stable level in the blood. This means that the body receives energy little by little and immediately consumes, rather than accumulates in the form of fat tissue.

How to replace mayonnaise with a proper diet

Most of the sauces you see on the shelves relate to unhealthy food, which should be excluded from the diet if you care about your health. They have a very high content of different fats, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. However, if you do not eat them in their pure form, it does not mean that the danger has passed. Most of the sauces are salad dressings.

What can replace such high-calorie products:

Alternatively, you can use nonfat natural sour cream, kefir or unsweetened yogurt;

It is better not to buy sauces and dressings in a store, but to cook them yourself based on natural olive oil, mustard seeds, beans, avocado;

As a supplement to bread or toast, it is better to use soft sorts of cheese or curd.

It is also worth paying attention to the way the dishes are prepared. Limit as much as possible all fried in a frying pan or deep-fried. Only raw, cooked or baked food can be considered healthy. The main alternative to frying is cooking in an oven or in a steamer. If you do cook in a frying pan, for example, omelette, then use during frying not refined sunflower but but butter or olive oil. And in no case do not overcook the dish.

How to replace carbonated drinks and packaged juices

Dietologists warn: it is not enough to exclude sweets and cakes from the diet. We get a shock dose of glucose from other sources: sweet carbonated drinks, energy, juices. The latter are generally considered useful; we drink them ourselves and give them to children. Few people think that glucose content in them is as good as Coca-Cola. In addition, the packaged juices have a high content of preservatives, colorants and acids, which destroy tooth enamel.

To avoid harming your health, try to drink more clean water without gas, green or herbal tea, unsweetened fruit compote. If you like juices, buy a juicer – only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable frescoes are useful. You should drink it immediately after cooking. It is advisable to dilute it with clean water to reduce the concentration of fruit acids and not to damage the enamel or provoke gastritis.

We eat deliciously and correctly

Healthy food should not be fresh or tasteless at all. Fat sauces are replaced by a healthy yogurt or thick kefir, and instead of the usual sweets it is better to eat sweet fruit or candied fruit. Bread made of wholemeal tastes like the usual white flour, and steamed fish or meat can be much more delicious than fried cutlets. To switch to healthy food without stress for yourself and your family, you should look for alternative recipes with low calorie for oven or multivarka.

When there is no time to cook, the best solution is a ready-made menu for the whole family. They already have the balance of necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Dietary doctors make sure that you get all the necessary vitamins and trace elements together with the daily diet. And the cooks make sure that the dishes are not repeated, are both healthy and delicious at the same time.

You can order a weekly menu to lose weight or maintain body weight. There is a diet designed for those who work out, want to cleanse the body, as well as for vegetarians.