Questions a guy can ask a girl

It does not matter whether you are going on a first date or you have been dating for some time, when communicating with girls it is always important to be able to find the right approach, because in order to interest the beauty you are interested in, you need to attract her with something.

Girls, in contrast to guys, are much less often led to a pretty appearance, no, of course, it is very important for them that the man looks well-groomed and neat, but this is another story.

Once the first impression of pleasant appearance was made, you need to move on to heavy artillery, which is an interesting and exciting conversation through which you can get to know each other as well as possible.

It is not difficult to guess that for the success of the case it is important to interest your opponent, and thus to be able to easily maintain the conversation, find topics and questions that will not strain, frighten or embarrass the young lady.

In order not to go on a date unprepared, you can make a whole list of interesting questions for girls, which will not just maintain the conversation, but will help you and your beautiful guest to open up.

Of course, the best option is when the conversation takes place at ease and for the evening to be really interesting, you do not have to remember the prepared hints, but, unfortunately, it also happens that the conversations come to a dead end.

In such a situation, not everyone can instantly get out and come up with a new and interesting topic for the conversation, and here come to the aid some standard, but not banal designs that can be prepared in advance.

What can and should we talk about on the first date?

The fundamental step in any newly emerging relationship is, of course, the first date, just on its success or complete failure, will depend on the presence of the second and all subsequent meetings with the young special person you are interested in.

It is very important to be able to build the communication of the first meeting in such a way as not to seem intrusive and pressurizing, but at the same time not to overdo it with silence, presenting yourself as a complete nerd.

It is important to observe the logical pauses between the questions, to let the girl speak out in full, and then to express her opinion on the same subject, to tell the case from her life or to give her the opportunity to also ask questions of interest. So, where to start?

General and primary topics for conversation

If you almost do not know each other and do not know anything about each other, then you can not immediately pile on it with serious topics, of course, you can not. You need to choose original and partially funny questions that will help to defuse the situation and adjust it to a comfortable and cozy for both of you.

“What was the best day in your life?

“What did you dream of becoming as a child?”;

“What is happiness for you?”

The questions may seem strange for the beginning of communication, but they allow you to think about your favorite movies and books, you will always have time to talk, although, strangely enough, even such seemingly primitive topics, sometimes save communication and find in the two souls of others related notes.

It is quite possible that when a girl starts talking about her childhood dreams, she will also mention where she comes from, who her parents are, and how she grew up, but at the same time, it will not be like an interrogation, because she will touch upon many facts of her biography herself. When the general topics are over, we can move on to specifics:

“Do you often go to the cinema?

“With friends or alone?”

“Have you ever been to night sessions? And non-stop at night?”

“Would you like to go to one of these?”

Usually such topics linger for a long time, because there is something to discuss: favorite genres, what are the latest innovations in rental and which of them you liked most? The theme of trips to the cinema can smoothly flow into the discussion of friends and the company that surrounds the young person, which will help to make unobtrusive conclusions about her preferences and environment, which, in many ways, forms the personality.

Do not forget to dilute the topics with jokes, you can ask funny and unusual questions that make you smile, there should always be some note of magnetism and euphoria in the meeting.

Hobbies, hobbies and free time

It is always interesting to know what a beautiful young person does in her spare time from work or study, because it is in this period, in many ways, a person opens up and shows, at first glance, hidden corners of the soul.

It is quite possible that she has long been engaged in some kind of sport or plays a musical instrument, or maybe has more rare and unusual hobbies for a girl: shooting, equestrian sports, extreme sports, writing music or playing in the theater in her spare time.

“What kind of music do you listen to?”;

“What kind of sports do you prefer?”;

“Do you like to cook? Which dish do you do best?”;

“Would you like to jump with a parachute?”.

Of course, a specific question must be chosen according to the situation, as well as depending on personal preferences, because if you do not want to jump with a parachute for nothing, and a girl, on the contrary, only dreams about it, the situation will be awkward.

Talks about love and relationships

If the conversation is gaining momentum and you feel that the situation is quite relaxed and beneficial, then the conversation can be translated into a more intimate and personal way, which, of course, interests anyone who is trying to build some kind of relationship with another. Naturally, we will talk about the relationship, about her opinion about the concepts of love, family, and also about the experience of past years.

“When did you first fall in love? How did it happen?”

“What is a serious relationship for you?”

“When did your first kiss happen?”

“Do you believe in fate?”

“Did you confess your first love?”

“Have you ever tried to take the first step first?”

“What do you want to change in your appearance?”

“How does the ideal man seem to you?”

It should be remembered that on the first, and subsequent dates, you can’t ask a girl dirty and stupid questions that go against the concepts of culture of speech and communication. It is unlikely that something like that you will raise your credibility in the eyes of the beauty you are interested in, rather, everything will happen the opposite.

Most of the ladies are subtle and sensitive nature, who seek, first of all, romance and a sense of lightness, love, although, of course, everything depends on the individual and her personal beliefs.

Under one rule, all the girls can’t be written down and determined that in a particular case, this or that lady will like only on the spot, this is called the art of flirting and communication.

Interesting and unusual questions

If you are still undecided what to ask a girl who likes, then try to go the other way, ask questions that are difficult to call ordinary or banal, who knows, can such originality and will interest the lady of your heart.

“Are you afraid of the storm?

“How are you different from other girls?”;

“What do you miss the most in your life?”

“Have you ever been arrested? If so, for what?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

“Where would you like to be most?”

“How do you feel about piercing and tattoos?”

“How much time do you spend on social networks?”

Naturally, there is absolutely no need to ask all these questions at once, it is quite possible that for some of them there will be a good moment or situation.

But anyway, you should always remember that if communication stubbornly does not want to take shape, and learned questions only for a while help to prolong the moment of truth, it is quite possible that you simply made a mistake by your soulmates, because real feelings are born quickly and easily.