Rating of the most stupid British entertainment

In their new book “The Crazy Nation” James Barber and Sally Reynice have compiled a kind of rating of the fifty most “crazy, stupid and stupid” sports competitions in the UK. The book, based on the practical experience of the authors, covers the most extraordinary competitions around the country and determines their popularity among the British, writes The Times. Their favourite competitions, such as Spectacular Fun, Pain Factor and Chance of becoming a World Champion, are featured in this ranking.

In addition to a detailed description of events, the authors also share tips with readers on how to win or simply stay safe. “Crazy Nation” is a pioneer of ridiculous entertainment of the British family and a “detached” look at the strangeness of British life.

Below is the top ten list of the most “crazy” entertainment events in Britain.

  1. World Liars Championship

The deepest lake of England against the background of a small church and the highest mountain in the country with a peak hidden behind the clouds, glorified the humble village of Santon. And now the area has become the site for the annual competition for the title of “The World’s Biggest Liar”.

For the main and very solid prize of 100 thousand pounds sterling, competitors with the right to pour beer in themselves must convince the strict judges of the truth of their tanks within two to five minutes. It is noteworthy that lawyers and politicians have no right to compete in the ability to eloquently and convincingly lie.

Perhaps the magnetic waves are very beneficial to the imagination of the contestants, because from their lips you can hear stories about farting sheep, giant cod and even a farm inhabited by sexy mermaids.

The competition, traditionally held at the end of November, was established in honour of the famous liar, former publican Will Ritson, who cleverly put noodles on the ears of local climbers in the 19th century.

  1. Grimace competition

These competitions can be called the backside of “Miss World”, where contestants work daily on facial expressions in the hope of pleasantly impressing the panel of judges.

The British contestants, on the contrary, try to express their natural ugliness as much as possible, transforming the face from ordinary to truly monstrous expression. As for such tricks as cheek blowing and squinting, this is a long past stage and is only suitable for beginners.

  1. The crazy golf competition…

With a grand prize of £1,000, this is one of the most extravagant events that the British take seriously. Semi-professionals and beginners mix in a crowd of participants, spending a stormy weekend in three rounds of crazy golf and mini-golf.

In the latter, competitors are teased by the multitude of holes, which seems harmless. But that’s only at first glance. Once you’ve studied all the bumps and grooves, you’ll soon understand why even legendary American golfer Tiger Woods hesitates to take part in this competition.

Crazy Golfers are happy to know that seven is the maximum number of hits on any of the holes. However, the joy is quickly replaced by the annoyance, as there are no maximum number of holes in which they can drive a winning number of balls.

  1. “Runners” of barrels

In many barrel pushing competitions, the powerful power of the legs and arms is an important prerequisite. But in these competitions, which have been held for almost sixty years, the important thing is not so much physical strength as agility.

The idea behind the competition is for the contestants to roll metal barrels of beer up the village with the help of three-meter oak sticks and then return. During this time they will have to overcome a distance of about 50 meters, and the winner will be the one who will complete the task as quickly as possible.

Ideally, the contestants should hold the barrels in a straight line, but soon the contestants realize that this is impossible because even the slightest distortion of pushing starts immediately carrying the barrel into the crowd of spectators watching the process along the whole route.

  1. Speedy cricket match

Local cricket competitions can hardly be described as crazy or crazy, but the scenario of their conduct in the spirit of old English tradition gives them a whimsical tone.

Once a year, a sandbank appears right in the middle of the Strait of Solent. And then two local yacht clubs make full use of this strange place for a game that can be called the fastest cricket match in the world.

Sailing to a place at dawn, the players don’t waste time. They immediately start setting the collar as soon as the water opens the first grains of sand. With the start of the match they still manage to save a bit of etiquette, but soon the competition inevitably turns into a comic farce, combining “devilish” bowling and rugby. And all this is accompanied by a fierce barking of dogs, stubbornly distracting their owners from the game.

Thirty minutes later the water begins to arrive, and the referee announces that the players need to urgently get back to the boats. By this point, the sand court is already half flooded with water.

The spectators are welcome in this match on condition that they arrive by their boats. Only members of yacht clubs are allowed to participate in the game.

  1. After swimming in the swamp…

Equipped only with a mask, pipe and flippers, competitors must travel half a kilometre across a marshland in a remote wilderness in central Wales. And in the battle for victory competitors expect one small obstacle – they have no right to dive into the swamp. So they have to get into the swamp ‘doggy’ or crawl on their stomach.

The world record for this competition is 1 minute 35 seconds, but many competitors need much more time. As a rule, competitors find themselves in distress halfway backwards and start to look like whales at that moment. Usually two or three competitors can’t even get to the finish line.

It is assumed that wearing a wetsuit is mandatory for marsh swimmers, but some daredevils enter the water in the same swimsuit. However, regardless of the choice of bathing suit all participants at the exit from the slimy marsh mass gain striking resemblance to the creatures from horror films.

  1. The World Nettle Eating Championship

The unbearable burning during a meal of 15 meters of nettle combined with weeds, as it turned out, is not the biggest problem in a joking competition that lasts exactly one hour – this burning plant is also a very powerful laxative.

Surprisingly, even these consequences do not scare contestants, and there is clearly no shortage of them here – around 50 contestants every year. And usually they always start the task with bravado. It is true that soon competitors face the harsh reality of eating scalding nettles. And their numerous spectators at this time eagerly await the first characteristic reaction of contestants who, one after another, begin to burp the eaten nettle.

To combat burning many of the competitors drink alcohol – a really effective antidote. However, one should be extremely vigilant and empty the bladder and intestines in time, as this can lead to disqualification – to the delight of other participants.

The record in this competition is an impressive 38 m nettle eating. Fortunately, it’s not the only entertainment in the championship that takes place in the Bottle Inn in Marshwood. There’s also live music, Darma Beer from the venue, a roast pork picnic and other prize-winning events. At the very least, these activities will distract the unhappy participants from their upset stomachs and terrible stinging in their fingers.

  1. Race for oranges

Each year, during the royal celebrations of the British ruler Elizabeth II in Totnes, competitors with great enthusiasm and speed start to catch up with the rapidly rolling oranges on the street.

The winner is the one who reaches the finish line faster than others in the lowest section of the street. It is strictly forbidden for competitors to grab sunny fruit with their hands. They can only push them with their feet – it’s not as easy as it seems.

The excitement of the competition comes at the very beginning, when the contestants and oranges inevitably collide. Then the crowd screams like, “Hey, that’s my orange!” However, these outbursts of indignation remain unanswered, as each contestant desperately tries to be the first to adapt to the fastest orange.

However, many of the competitors still have time to fight before the finish line, and most after the competition and wonder how much morally and physically exhausted their race for oranges.

  1. The World Worm Charm Championship

The only day in June of the year becomes an idyllic happiness for worms living under a school field in Cheshire. But in the afternoon, the competition becomes a hell for 144 teams, who must lure as many worms as possible to the surface in half an hour with their charm.

Without digging or using water, only with the help of imagination and cunning do contestants need to impress these earth dwellers so much that they voluntarily want to see the sunlight.

Beginners tend to look more ridiculous by jumping around or tapping on the ground with wooden hammers. Others try to lure worms out through meditation or play music. These are just some of the many ridiculous ways that are observed each year.

Strict judges hate it when resourceful contestants, including children, try to discreetly double or even triple the worms lured to the surface by brutal grinding.

The amazing record for this competition is 567 worms. There is also a separate prize for the biggest worm. It’s a great day for family holidays, especially since someone can come home the winner. However, the conditions prohibit the dragging of enchanted worms to their homes for maintenance.

  1. A wrestling match in sauce

The children’s swimming pool filled with hot sauce, located along the green lawn to play bowling at the local beer bar, is a completely irrelevant arena for the prestigious World Wrestling Championships. However, it is not so much a sports game as a very dirty mime. The task is to defeat your opponent, but the judges welcome the displayed sense of humor and punish the competitors for forced feeding.

These competitions are invented to be a spectacular performance, but the participants of “gravy wrestling” themselves have a hard time, at least when they desperately try to stay on their feet. Not to mention when they are knocked out in a pool filled with brown greasy mixture.