Real male earnings: 27 business ideas – from the garage and instagram to large-scale production

Men should always remain men. And February 23, and, most importantly, every day for a year. Since they face the main task of life – to be a support and earner. A support for oneself, parents, relatives, relatives, family. Because the real masculine motto is nobody but us! And it doesn’t matter whether they served or not. Yes guys? February 23rd is perhaps the best day to get to know real men’s business ideas.

Fundamental business is difficult to divide into male or female. And you do not need to do this because of the equal opportunities for the sexes. Undoubtedly there are such areas of entrepreneurship where men feel at ease. Accordingly, for women there are types of businesses where they are more successful due to natural circumstances and characteristics. First of all, it is the subtle energy of trust between women, which is the basis of earnings. For example, we know the only case when a man became a successful sales assistant of women’s underwear. We won’t say how he succeeded so that they would not be accused of propaganda of anything.

Success in business depends on how a person feels the market conditions, its subtleties, sales areas and external factors that exert their influence in the aggregate. We met women who managed easily and simply with a completely male business – building a house from lumber; and saw men enthusiastically involved in the nail business. This, after all, men, from which side go to what you like and how to make money on it. It is such a real business, where there is no gender difference, and is called successful.

Nevertheless, we can name a few business ideas, where men, by virtue of their characteristics, if not more successful, then at least more flexible and agile. In these areas of entrepreneurship, it is easier for men to achieve their goals. Since all factors favor him.

Men always approach business in detail. That he was standing. With a masculine character. And a mandatory bit of complexity. Without this, business is not business, and so is empty entertainment! If a business is without hard work, it is not masculine. And if on the contrary, if the business is male, can it be without difficulty? We suggest checking it yourself. Meet real business ideas for men by February 23rd!

1. Turnkey bath construction

The bathhouse itself is a room for men. To hide from wives, take a break from worries and, finally, wash off your tiredness – you can only in the bath. No inflection, of course. Therefore, the good in a good bath – only men know. So it turns out that the construction of baths is a real men’s business. Read the business idea – building baths.

2. Deep fermentation litter

A novelty in the farming business is fermentation bedding – bacteria for bedding in livestock and poultry. It stays dry and warm for a long time, absorbing all animal waste products. A successful farming business is available to women. But, more trust is given to male farmers, especially if they talk about business on a deep fermentation bed.

3. Business – production of fuel briquettes

You can look at three things in life forever – how the fire burns, how the river flows, and how business brings money. The production of fuel briquettes is based on two things at once – it burns and helps to earn money. Production is not complicated, but dirty. Therefore, it is better to deal with them only for men. Production of fuel briquettes as a business.

4. Production of glued beams

Again, the production of wood. Suitable for real men. Production is a specific thing: you need to know how to swear and be rude. Especially if the production is not the highest work culture. Not every woman can do it. And not every man. But let’s not talk about sad things. Let’s talk about the production of glued beams as a business.

5. Production of porcelain tile

Tile is a wear-resistant and reliable coating for walls and floors. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, toilet – you can not do without it. The selection of tiles for the room is a science with an adventure. Women spend hours choosing: will this tile match the color of the curtains, will the wallpaper be too pale, or will these colors match feng shui. Let us leave these pleasant chores to our women.

But the production of tiles is a masculine affair. Porcelain stoneware is a complex and capacious production, requiring male perseverance and strength. The real male business idea is the production of porcelain stoneware as a business.

6. Pumping septic tanks as a business

Can you imagine how a woman will drive a cesspool machine? Get a hose, pump out a cesspool? In general, between us, getting a hose is more common for men. Forgive us this joke, but that is, that is. And men also have it. Read – pumping out cesspools as a business.

7. Production of aerated concrete

Aerated concrete is a popular building material. Not inferior to ceramic bricks in properties, it has the best qualities of wood. The choice of equipment is rather troublesome, as good equipment is found on the market, and … not very. Understanding the mechanisms, building mixtures and cement is not a female matter. Therefore, the male business is the production of aerated concrete.

8. Production of pavers, curbs and paving slabs from concrete

If you watch the video in the specified article, you will see how difficult this is, the concrete production of decorative stone. Of course, a woman can start such a business, but only control it. This is not a woman’s business – to consider cement, but to evaluate finished products. Paving production as a business.

9. Car business

All kinds of ways to make money using a car. For women, a car is available as for men. But not all types of car businesses are available to women. A better half of humanity should use a car, not make money with it. Auto business – business ideas on cars.

10. How can I make money in the garage

If a man has a garage – he has wealth. In the garage you can relax, work, engage in real men’s affairs, keep all your hardware, and “what if it comes in handy.” Familiar situation? In addition to all this in the garage you can do money. Read it right away – a few garage business ideas.

11. Solar powered business

High technology is a knowledge-based business area. In it, quite often, situations arise – when something goes wrong, controversial moments appear that require the head of the business not only to know the subject, but also to be smart in the field of working with hands. That is, for example, a curve installation of equipment requires surgical intervention in the switchboard. Would a real man allow a woman with a screwdriver and nippers to climb into “electricity”? Let him sit resting, and men will do everything themselves. The business of installing solar panels.

12. Business in the production of greenhouses and greenhouses

Small production and work with metal. This business can be scaled to an entire factory, but you can start with 1-2 teams. And if the starting capital is generally minimal – you can do everything yourself. And there is dirt, welding, a grinder, sparks … Only the male area of ​​earnings is the production and installation of polycarbonate greenhouses.

13. We open a cheap production of forged products

A business that starts in a garage. Mostly only men have a garage (see 10 business idea). And if a woman has a garage, then she must have a man. Consequently, a business in forged products that can be opened in a garage is a male business! Read – how to open a cheap production of forged products in the garage.

14. The real idea of ​​business in crisis for men

Even the name of a business idea contains the phrase “for men.” Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. Of course, it will be interesting for women to read what is written there. And really what? Read – men’s business idea against the crisis.

15. Waterproofing basements, foundations, pools and other

Construction and related services are often provided on the principle of the director himself. That is, the head of business is: a worker, accountant and personnel agent in one person. We can’t imagine how a woman will climb basements, dragging heavy equipment on herself. A man is obliged – he is a support for a woman. If not more. Read – waterproofing rooms and roofs as a business.

16. A beautiful, even colorful business on ordinary wood waste

For the production of colored chips used as mulch, nothing complicated is required. One man, one machine, wood waste and several cans of paint. The magnificence formed as a result of this connection pleases not only the eye. But also a wallet. All about making money on the production of decorative chips.

17. Colored rubble: design, production, costs and profits

To produce colored crushed stone follows the principle of production of colored chips. One man, one concrete mixer, crushed stone and several cans of paint. It will not be boring. Read all about the production of colored gravel.

18. How to open a workshop for the production and repair of high pressure hoses

Sleeves, in common people called hoses, high pressure are used in all kinds of mechanisms, machines and devices. In the blood of men laid skillful handling of hoses for various purposes. Again, please excuse us for such obvious jokes. Therefore, the production and repair of the WFD is a male business, without options.

19. Catching Hip: 13 3D Printing Business Ideas

Business related to new technologies. Computers, it smells like hot plastic, everything is noisy, moving and, in general, a real masculine atmosphere. How else? This is a real hype, that is – the pleasure of working. Therefore, 13 business ideas related to 3D printing are men’s business ideas.

20. Bought for 3 rubles, sold for 50: how to create a personal savings fund using coins and make money on it

Traditionally, women are spenders; men are stingy. That is, women can spend, and men can save. But in order for the former to have something to buy, the latter must give them money. Money can be accumulated or earned. If you save, then save a lot. With a margin. How much a woman does not give, she will spend anyway. And how many men do not pour …. But, this is a completely different story. There are various people. Although, there is one character trait inherent in everyone. We all love money.

When there is a lot of money – and a man can catch a fish, and a woman will not deny herself anything, later boasting about it on Instagram. And to be as successful people you need a lot of money. Perhaps the most reliable way to accumulate and increase is investing in precious metals. Perhaps more reliable is investing in precious metal coins. How to do this correctly will tell the article – How to create a savings fund using investment coins.

21. Instagram husband for an hour, do you know this way of earning?

Instagram is a social network, perhaps more suitable for women. Because photos and videos in the form of selfies, streams and simply beautiful music are the modern foundations of female entertainment. But can a woman be real without the help of a man?

Here on Instagram you can’t do without male help. Any successful and real woman will be pleased if the instagram husband for an hour provides her with all possible assistance.

22. We open a point with shawarma: affordable business, costing from 60 thousand rubles, with an original recipe and ample opportunities

Shawarma – fast food, where all your favorite male ingredients are collected. And not surprisingly, shawarma is considered a real man’s dish. So, the opening of a point for the preparation and sale of shawarma can be called popular men’s business ideas.

23. Business is stronger than rocks: polystone, cast marble, artificial granite and other “liquid” stones

Artificial stones, created not by nature but by man, are an excellent manufacturing business. Because stone, as an element of the interior, is an excellent finishing material combining natural beauty and durability. He will never go out of fashion or lose demand. On the contrary, with the advent of new materials, the range of manufactured products made of polymer stone is growing. And just as any production can be considered a male business, the production of a half-stone is a great opportunity for a man to become an entrepreneur.

24. Profitable business on tandoor cakes

Most of the world’s best chefs are men. This fact can be used as the basis of your own business. What if not cooking can be considered male business ideas? For that matter, the first men’s business most likely appeared as a way of earning a living. Moreover, he appeared before money, when in kind exchange prevailed. Labor was exchanged for food. And that means cooking and selling tandoor cakes is perfect for any man.

25. Business – production and repair of trailers for cars

Sparks, smoke, the smell of hot metal and engine oil spilled on the floor are excellent decorations for any male business based on production. The manufacture of automobile passenger trailers meets all of the above conditions. Real business for real men. Moreover, this business is only gaining its popularity. Demand is growing with the number of motorists. And these numbers are unlikely to fall in the future. Most likely, almost every car owner will be looking for where to buy or repair their car trailer.

26. Though the number on the head is comfy: a business on teaching men to raise a toilet seat

The problem of the century! Man and toilet. Who will win this confrontation? How many marriages were destroyed about the rock of misunderstanding – not uplifting. And the cart, as they say, is still there. How many toilets, so many men who do not lift the toilet seat. Although, for example, business has found an effective way to solve the problem, the benefit of a happy and long marriage. And, of course, earns on it. Great business idea!

27. How to work as a friend for an hour: a new type of earnings for men and women who can listen

Earn money where you don’t need to work! The perfect business idea for real men. No catch. Moreover, male friendship was appreciated at all times. Now it has become the basis of earnings. The ideal male business is to work as a friend for an hour!