Reason to drink

I see no reason not to drink. You want a drink, but you can’t find an excuse? The best reasons and excuses to drink today. Good and classic reasons to take alcohol on your chest. “I have no problem with alcohol. Except when I can’t get a drink.” Tom Wates. There’s no point in postponing if you’re going to relax, rest, have fun and get drunk. Life is too short to look at it sober and not do crazy drunken things. We’ve put together the best reasons and reasons to drink today and right now.

Save it so you don’t have to look for a reason to drink.

A reason to drink alcohol helps to cope with the hardships of life.

Pour it! You want to have a good time, how do you do it without alcohol?

You have things in your soul that you want to forget

Red Wine is good for your health, as well as a little vodka

Beer or other alcohol at a good discount in the store

Sick and need a little treatment. According to folk medicine, you need a drink!

You have a lot of free time and nothing to do. Worth a drink Your day at work was really hard

Your sports team won or lost Hangover after yesterday?

Worth drinking today Alcohol helps build social ties to find friends and women

Tomorrow is a hard and boring day, and today you can please yourself to eat a good steak of meat without wine?

This is a crime You found a bottle at home, about which you have long forgotten a lot of problems and difficulties in life, and you need to relax a little

Recently broke up with a girl and alcohol will help relieve the pain of loss

Tomorrow you do not need to work, how not to use it for drinking booze?

You want to go for a walk in the club or on the street, but who makes it sober?

You’ve been raising money to drink.

It’s somebody’s birthday, which means you have to drink.

All great people have drunk.

Alcohol helps to be more creative

You need to relax before a meeting or a date

Your photo on the social network has got a lot of likes.

This is a reason to drink!

Today there was a salary or a paycheck that should be celebrated

There is a sports match on TV, an interesting film or news

You got a job, lost it, promoted or other changes in your career Somebody said: “How about that?”

Someone is getting married or divorced today.

Has a new beer, whiskey or vodka appeared?

You have to try it. Someone died that day, which means you have to remember

You love a bar and you want to look in it You are Russian, Irish, French or English.

You want pizza or chicken, but how do you eat them without beer?

Today is your day of rest and entertainment.

Does alcohol have to meet friends, but not drink? Nonsense

There’s a sale in the store and you have to raise the right amount.

Get the booze You’re watching a movie and there’s someone there who drinks alcohol. It’s long overdue for a drink.

You go to a party and you don’t know anyone there.

It’s Monday and you need to relax after work.

Pour it! It’s Tuesday and the height of the work week.

We need to relieve the tension. Pour it! It’s Wednesday, and this is the middle of the week.

You can relax and have a drink. Pour it!

It’s Thursday, which means little Friday.

Pour it! It’s Returning Friday, and this is the last day of the week.

Pour it! It’s Saturday, and tomorrow’s the day off.

Pour it! It’s Sunday, isn’t it? You have to relax before work week.

You’re a strong and independent man.

You can have a drink whenever you want.