Recipe of the Day: Avocado Popcorn Salad in 10 Minutes

How to make a delicious, healthy and unusual salad in 10 minutes? Chef of the Krendel gastropub We recommend replacing the usual plates with iceberg lettuce leaves and adding popcorn to the vegetables.

– When you want to surprise your guests with an unusual combination, but there is no time for long and complicated preparation of the dish, you can take standard ingredients and add popcorn to them. However, the chip of this dish is not only in popcorn, but also in sauce. It makes the flavor of the salad memorable.

Avocado salad, pink tomatoes and popcorn salad

Guests will definitely appreciate your creative approach to preparing healthy dishes. How to make popcorn at home – read in this material.


Avocado 60 г

Tomatoes (pink) 60 г

Salad (iceberg) 25 г

Popcorn (salty) 4 г

Sauce 20 г

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

For sauce (for 10 servings):

Sauce (sweet chili) 230 ml

Oil (sesame) 70 ml

Sauce (teriyaki) 230 ml

Juice (lime) 10 ml

Syrup (sugar) 20 ml

Juice (lemon) 10 ml

Preparation process

In a separate bowl, mix all the ingredients for the sauce.

Dice the avocado and pink tomatoes.

Slice the sliced tomatoes and avocado sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

Place the ingredients into the salad leaves of the iceberg (use them instead of the plates) and sprinkle with salt popcorn.