Recipe of the Day: Currant Ice Cream with Yogurt

Black currant is responsible for the colour of this ice cream, while natural yogurt is responsible for the creamy taste.

Frosted ice cream

Delicious homemade dessert, which is made without using ice cream.


Syrup (topinambura or maple) 100 г

Currants (black frozen) 300 г

Yogurt (natural) 1.5 liter

Eggs 2 pcs.

Preparation process

1. Blend the currants to a homogeneous mass with the addition of syrup and drinking yogurt.

2. Separate proteins from yolks. With a mixer whisk the proteins to lush foam. Gently inject the whipped proteins into the currant mass, stir it with a whisk. Yolks can be used for other dishes.

3. Put the dessert in the freezer for 5-6 hours. Mix the ice cream with a fork every 1.5 hours so that it does not turn into one big piece of ice.

4. Use a spoon to form ice cream balls. Put it in dessert glasses.