Recipe of the Day: How to Make a Nutritious Grain and Spinach Salad

This salad by the recipe of Alexei Pavlov, the brand-chef of the Barceloneta restaurant in Sochi, will help you replenish the supply of vitamins and important for maintaining health microelements. The cereal salad will please those who like to have a hearty breakfast or a snack during the day. The recipe is suitable for those who observe Lent.

Grain salad with spinach

This dish includes vegetables, grains, and herbs. The perfect mix! Try to cook this dish from the brand-chef of the Barceloneta restaurant Alexey Pavlov at home.


Pearl grits (boiled) 30 г

Quinoa (boiled) 30 г

Chickpeas (boiled) 30 г

Broccoli 70 г

Spinach 20 г

Tomatoes (cherry tomatoes, pickled) 25 г

Sweet bell pepper 20 г

Parsley 5 г

Microgreens 1 г

Sauce (soy sauce) to taste

Olive oil 20 ml


Fry small broccoli florets in vegetable oil.

Add the pearl barley, quinoa, chickpeas and soy sauce.

Boil off the excess liquid and remove from the stove.

Stir in chopped bell peppers and grains.

Season, arrange in a bowl, add the pickled cherry tomatoes.

Garnish salad with parsley leaves and micro greens.