Redmi Note 9T: an affordable Xiaomi smartphone that will surprise you with performance

“Xiaomi continues to keep the public in suspense ahead of the scheduled premiere of the Redmi Note 9T smartphone on January 08. The reason for writing this article was today’s “leak” about the price of the device in Europe.

The stated price of the Note 9T for consumers in the Old World:

€229.90 – for the version with 4/64 “gigabytes” of memory;
€269.90 – for both versions of the device with 6/128 GB of “memory” (we are talking about the phones in black and purple color version).

Information about the prices flashed in the German segment of the Network. After a while, photos of the price list were removed, but remained in the Google archive. A screenshot of the corresponding image is published below.

Whether the “leak” is planned or accidental, everyone is free to judge for himself.

Note that the Redmi Note 9T is the latest creation of the Xiaomi “clone factory”, which is stamping the same devices under dozens of different names.