Representatives of which professions are not afraid of any crisis

No one is safe from job loss. Especially in times of crisis, which occur in every country in the world, even those with very strong economies.

The story of the coronavirus showed that a number of areas that used to feel quite confident were not in demand. Because of border closures and restrictive measures, non-food vendors, employees of the entertainment industry and fitness centers, employees of catering companies, travel agencies and airlines were temporarily out of work.

Are there any professions and occupations that do not fear any crisis?

“Of course, there are many of them,” emphasizes Alexander Safonov, professor at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. – The first profession is the “lord of numbers.” The entire history of mankind is connected with mathematics. Science and engineering, statistics and programming. Those who mastered this specialty are open to many spheres of activity. Good knowledge of this subject increases competitiveness in the labor market. Of course you can also be engaged in programming. It is also a profession of the present and future. Even now, in difficult times, the number of vacancies for programmers with good conditions and the opportunity to work in the world is only growing. Without any doubt a profession for all times – the doctor. He, like the mathematician, has accompanied humanity throughout history. The profession is invariably respected and will always be needed until we finally move into the matrix.

Recently, a whole constellation of new areas of activity has been developing alongside this traditional profession. Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, medical device engineering.

You can’t go anywhere without knowledge, which means that the teaching profession will always be relevant. In addition, teachers always have the opportunity to give private lessons.

Analyst. This is a new direction due to the emergence of the ability to accumulate fairly quickly arrays of data. But without an experienced analyst, they are dead. A specialist in processing and systematization of big-data becomes the link that allows to pull out from the endless news feed what is the basis for marketing and logistical decisions, helps to build the strategy and tactics of companies and authorities.

In the era of globally increasing communication between people, psychologists are becoming more and more necessary. They are needed by both the powers that be and ordinary people. A good psychologist will help to get out of any crisis – both personal and those connected with global changes.