Rest rules: how to rest

Often what we are used to considering a vacation is not, in fact, such a thing. In terms of benefits to the body scrolling tape “Vkontakte” after 8-hour working day, also spent in front of the computer, it is difficult to call “rest”. Therefore, even those people who have enough time for recreation after work, still feel chronically tired. The fault for all overload with the same type of activities and inability to properly rest. In training on time management, we casually mentioned some rules of rest. It is time to reveal this topic in more detail and talk about how to properly rest, so that our brain and body get the necessary relaxation.

Why do we have to rest?

Or a short introduction for workaholics. It would seem how much you can do if you learn to keep your mind and body in constant activity! You can’t really learn to do that. Each person’s reserve of strength runs out, and without the ability to switch to rest, productivity sooner or later drops, decreased ability to concentrate, deteriorates overall health.

Therefore, rest is a necessary component of life, which must alternately replace other activities (work, study). But at the same time, rest can be different: some prefer to watch TV or “surf” on the Internet, others, brewed tea, taken for reading an interesting book, third go to a nightclub, fourth go to the gym or play football with friends. It all depends on the personal preferences of the person. But to what extent does the word “rest” apply to each of the above actions? Is the person resting effectively in this case? Let’s deal with what rest should be like, so that our body restores its strength, not loses it even more.

Efficient rest

Rest is a change of activity

This statement is on the air all the time. And it’s most often ignored. Only with a stretch can be called a vacation in social networks for a person who is already all day long chained to look at the computer monitor and phone display. Therefore, the first and main requirement – a variety of pastime and dilute the usual routine. This condition of the rest process should be understood literally – if you spend most of your working day sitting at the computer, the best rest for you will be a walk in the park, doing sports, but whatever, if not the same as you do a third of his day.

Don’t ignore the rest

Many of us often say something like “I’ll sleep on the weekend” or “I’ll rest after the project is completed”. Situations can be different. And sometimes we have to sacrifice our rest for the sake of career growth and material well-being. In this respect, each person is a blacksmith of his happiness. But it is important to take into account that in the business of rest, as well as with health – it is easier, more productive and “cheaper” to prevent overstress than then neutralize it. So remember that workaholism is good only to the extent and do not exhaust yourself to the limit. You have the right to a good rest.

Cancel all cases

From time to time, give yourself a clean day. No scheduled meetings, no important business, no organisers, no diaries, no to-do lists – nothing that surrounds you all the time. Put your phone aside, turn off your laptop and devote your day to relaxation. It is very difficult, but necessary.

Try to separate your personal life from your work

Another scourge of modern man. Always “in touch”, working during lunch, at home, on transport, on weekends? Take breaks at least once in a while. To fall into the trap of total absorption of life by work is very easy, but to get out of it can be difficult. It’s wrong to live with work problems 24 hours a day, burdening your environment and your own thinking with them. You have to learn to deal with it. Talking about methods is not the aim of this article, but the fact that work and personal life should be separated is beyond doubt. There are no excuses or exceptions!

Take a vacation

One way or another, we’re back to workaholics. For many people, vacation is one of the most enjoyable and expected parts of work. But there are also those who reluctantly, taking a work laptop, change the office chair to a home sofa and continue to live the work. Some people use their vacation to start doing repairs. Someone, as joked in KVN, needs another vacation after the vacation to really get some rest. To prevent this from happening to you, remember the rules already described above – first of all, a complete change of activities. Go to a place where there is no Internet and your mobile phone does not detect the network. And do not worry about anything!

Rest and no rest

Let’s say, at work or at home you had a free minute and, sighing with relief, you started to look through new photos in Instagram or came to comment on updates to the Vkontakte friends’ tape. How much can you call it a vacation? Very conventional. As a method of distraction from “flow”, a way to relieve the brain for a while – yes, but no more. Steve Peacock wrote that such a distraction is not a rest, because during his time the man continues to be haunted by anxiety about unfinished business. So, remind yourself of the saying: “If you do a thing – walk boldly”, otherwise such a rest risks to turn into prokrastinatsii. By this, we do not claim that surfing on the Internet can not be a kind of leisure, but only encourage that it is not the only kind.

How do you rest in 10 minutes?

The above techniques are not a substitute for a good rest with sleep, but if in the middle of a busy day you have a couple of free minutes, you can spend them to your advantage and rest a little.


The visualization tool is familiar to all of us since childhood. At least to those who liked to “hover in the clouds.” Why is it good for adults, too? First of all, you inspire yourself, program for good luck and achieve what you want. You don’t rest so much, you get a boost of motivation. So close your eyes, feel the lightness in the whole body, and try to present in the smallest details of what you want: here you get a diploma with honors, or achieve a salary increase and a new position. It’s not bad to dream.

Breathing exercises

We wrote about some of them earlier, here’s the technique suggested by Lucy Palladino in “Maximum Concentration”. From the sitting position, without closing your eyes, take a deep breath with your nose and look at the upper right corner of the room, holding your eyes on it. Continue breathing and look at the upper left corner of the room, holding your eyes on it. As you gradually breathe out, concentrate on the lower left corner of the room and then look at the lower right corner. In this way you will have four steps of exercise (four corners of the room) and for every two steps you will have one breathing technique – breath or exhale.

Do your meditation or yoga

This will clear all your thoughts from work experience and personal problems, at least for a while. They unload the mind and body on the one hand, and discipline them on the other. Especially since today anyone can try to practice with the help of training videos and literature.