Robert Kiyosaki’s revelations: how to get rich in 10 minutes

Robert Kiyosaki is a millionaire, a successful businessman and orator who inspires people around the world to pursue his goal. His fortune exceeds 80 million dollars and continues to grow. As well as the popularity of the best-selling book “Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy”. But what does Robert himself have to say about it?

Journalists always ask Kiyosaki such questions: How did he come to wealth? What kind of difficulties did he face? What does all rich people tell him? You have a success story in front of you, told at first hand.

My father worked in education; he was a smart and respected man. Once I asked him, “Dad, why don’t they tell us anything about money at school?

When he looked at me he said: “The government does not need this; it does not allow us to teach you this. The government tells us what we should and should not teach you.

It seemed strange to me and I asked: “Do we not go to school to learn how to earn money?

He answered, ‘No, your task is to get a specialty and find a job.

No, no, no, wait,” I said. – The purpose of work is to earn money? Dad replied, ‘You are right. I said: “So why don’t we just tell you how to earn money?”. He got confused and said: “It is better to ask your best friend’s father about money. At that time my best friend was Mike. I asked: “Why him?”. My dad replied, “Because Mike’s dad is an entrepreneur. I asked: “And who are you?” “And I am an employee, a hired employee in the company.

I thought about it: “What’s the difference?”. “And the difference is that an entrepreneur must know how to make money or he is not an entrepreneur. And they say about us that an employee does not need to know anything about finances. Because the government will take care of our company and me as well.

I followed my father’s advice. And I came to Mike’s father’s office. I knocked on his door and said: “I’m nine years old, teach me about finance. He said: “Take this child away!”.

And you know, that’s where the story of Rich Pope and Poor Pope began. And here, thanks to my perseverance, the Rich Pope began to teach me financial business, but on one condition. This condition was that he would never pay me. The Pope said, “The moment I pay you, you will start to think like an employee. It’s a trap. Entrepreneurs work for free! And then, when I was nine, my head broke in half! I asked him: “Okay, I agree, but how will I earn money?”. He answered: “This is exactly what all entrepreneurs are trying to find out”.

So, I worked for free, collected cigarette butts in his hotels and restaurants, cleaned and did the black work. Already in my old age I started to do office work, marketing and accounting. I was an apprentice. And I always worked for free, and he taught me financial business. So, what is the secret?

I was not lucky in my life either. I had financial failures, I was betrayed by my partners more than once. But in the end, everything is fine, I quickly outgrew all this. I have a different way of thinking! People who are afraid to make mistakes never grow up. They have a wrong perception of the world. Perception is both good and bad what happens to us. They are both right and wrong decisions, they are both ups and downs. Every time I make a wrong decision, I say, “Okay, what have I learned? And most people only want to do the right thing. They do not want to make mistakes, they always want to be sure of something. And the reason why poor people stay poor is because they do not make mistakes. They live very carefully. They try not to make mistakes because they were taught that way at school. This means they will not learn anything in this life.

Poverty is passed on by inheritance. They teach you this in your family. This is how the middle class works. People who are sitting at home right now, who are experiencing financial difficulties, who are worried about money, or who are not satisfied with something. Maybe they earn a lot of money, but they are actually dissatisfied with what they do. Probably, this is how they were taught. You are told: “You will never be rich” or “Wealth is evil.

– And until you change your mind, money will not help you?

– Absolutely.

At school you will never be taught how to make money. The school system is designed so that you become an employee, doctor or lawyer – a specialist in your business. But it will not teach you how to competently manage your money. What most people lack is financial literacy in matters such as income and expense accounting, loans, investments and savings. Everyone should know these things, but, alas, they don’t teach us this in schools. People ask me: “How did your Rich Daddy learn about all this, since he was just a PhD in philosophy? And my answer is very simple: “Rich Daddy of my best friend lost his father when he was 13 years old. The pain of losing him, the family business that came to him when he was 13 years old, the forced departure from school – all this became in some way a blessing for him. Then his teachers were his accountants, his lawyers, his bankers, his real estate agents. He had what I call real teachers, not these fake teachers at school. Most school teachers were not professionals. They teach subjects that are not practiced by themselves. I call them fake teachers. A fake teacher is someone who just needs this job and he will teach you anything. When I was in my third year of college, I asked a teacher, “Will I ever use what you teach us? He said: “No, but I get paid money to teach you this subject. And it doesn’t matter if you use this knowledge. And one of the most important things I advise people to do is to find a real teacher instead of a fake one. A fake teacher does not do what he or she teaches, but the real teacher does it every day.

– I see that you have this knowledge, and you know what to do. Do rich people tell you: “Don’t tell them that, Robert”?

– Yes. “Don’t tell people what you know, let them stay poor. Poor people will always be among us, because it starts inside. It is in their words, and their words become reality. When they say, ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I can’t do it’ – at that moment they give up. They become what they are talking about. My Poor Dad used to tell me, ‘Who do you think I am? Do you think I’m printing money? I can’t afford it!”. And, my Rich Dad would say, ‘That is why he is poor. Poor people say, ‘I can’t afford it, I can’t do it, I have no time for it! They run away from themselves. This is a vicious circle. It is very easy to say, ‘I can’t do it. I am too tired” or “I can’t go to the gym. At the moment when you could go, you would say: “No, I can’t do it. And the truth is that you are just too lazy to go to the gym.

– And what did your rich daddy say instead of “I can’t afford it”?

– “How can I afford it?”, “How can I do it?”, “How long will it take?” or “Why should I do it?”. The question opens your mind and the statement closes it. So when you say, “I can’t afford it,” your mind turns off and you become what you are talking about.

I always advise young people: find your favorite business, play your game. My number one business is financial education, number two is real estate. And this is my game! But you may have a completely different game, your game! Many people prefer to be spectators instead of players. One of the great ways to become rich is to play in real life. And stop being cool in computer games, be cool in the real world, in a game called life!