Roll-up shirt: simple secrets of flawless style

A classic shirt is a basic element of the wardrobe, which will always be relevant. It is easy to create strict business, festive evening and everyday images with it. To make the latter more relaxed or bold, try rolling up the sleeves of your favorite shirt.

You might be surprised: “The whole article on how to tuck sleeves up? How hard can it be?” Really, it seems like you can just wrap your cuff inside and assemble your sleeve with a harmonica. It’s quick and easy. It’s the only thing that makes the sleeve look very sloppy, crumpled, clutching his hand, or constantly slipping somewhere. It also spoils the appearance of the product itself. It wrinkles and then does not go back to the same state. To ensure that all the details of your image were perfect and do not cause discomfort, we offer to get acquainted with different ways of wrapping the sleeves.

Why do you need to tuck them up?

Rolled up sleeves immediately reduce the degree of officiality of the outfit and give it a slight sexiness. A man with a laconic shirt and carelessly rolled up sleeves looks more confident. This style is appropriate in summer in the city, at the resort, at an informal celebration and even at work. But, in addition to the desire to diversify the images, there are several reasons why you should periodically lift the sleeves.

First of all, it is convenient. Long sleeves often prevent you from doing any work with your hands, in addition, they are easy to get dirty. Sleeves will keep your nerves and things clean. In hot weather, they can help you cool down a little. In summer, in some companies it’s even allowed by the dress code. Of course, it’s not a cufflink option. But turning up sleeves with a less strict shirt is quite acceptable.

3 ways to roll up the sleeves in style…

You have in front of you the most topical podvorov, which does not require much time or effort. You can make them in just 1 minute. And then you can easily get your clothes back to their original appearance by gently spinning the cuffs or pulling them down.

  1. Classic flip-flop.

This is the basic way that will transform absolutely any shirt: cotton, denim, light or dense fabric, with wide or narrow sleeves. Before rolling them, don’t forget to unbutton all the buttons. Turn the unbuttoned cuff outwards exactly to its width. Say it a few times, depending on how high you want to raise your sleeve. If necessary, spread the fabric in the bending position. But do not try to achieve perfect evenness, a little carelessness will be only a plus.

You can leave the sleeve as is – it looks stylish and modern. This way, it won’t crawl down and spin itself. But you can also fix the design with a button for reliability.

Two. Three quarters.

A more interesting kind of classic. Usually the sleeve is lifted just above the elbow. But it looks very stylish when the sleeve is located approximately in the middle of the forearm. You have to turn the sleeve up several times in the same way. You can hide the cuff or leave it outside.

  1. “In Italian.”

This stylish reception was very popular with Italian gangsters. He’ll immediately transform onions, add glamour to it. Turn the sleeve inside out and lift the cuff almost to the elbow. Roll up the lower edge of the sleeve again and pull it up to cuff level. You can either hide it completely or leave part of it visible. To get the right effect, take the shirt with the contrasting side.

In order not to spoil your clothes and not to look as if you just worked in the garage, listen to these stylists’ advice:

give preference to products with stiff cuffs, such a good fit;

choose the right way to roll up each shirt in your wardrobe – based on the material, the width of the sleeves, comfort and preferences;

before rolling up the sleeves, make sure that the shirt is perfectly smoothed, otherwise the appearance will be untidy;

do not flip up the sleeves of jackets and blazers, it looks inappropriate and weird;

the distance from the brush to the edge of the sleeve should always be at least ten centimetres, otherwise you’ll just seem to be wearing the wrong size;

the optimal upper edge is just above the bend of your elbow;

if the fabric is not very stiff, avoid careless twisting and folds on it; smooth the fabric after each spin;

then make sure you check that you have the same length of sleeves.

The ideas of fashion combinations

Don’t think you can only wear a shirt like that with suit trousers. Ways to stylize the mass. Ordinary pants in business style, casual style of various fabrics, jeans (including twisted), breeches and even shorts on the knee – in all these cases, carelessly twisted sleeves are appropriate. But you have to repel from the shirt itself. The more neutral the product looks, the more the bottoms will approach it. Shirts of simple fabrics of basic colors are combined with almost everything.

From above you can put on a light jacket or jacket – if you are going to the official event. And in casual style, try wearing a shirt over a T-shirt. Shoes also depend on the occasion. Wear comfortable shoes to the office, sneakers or sneakers for a walk. Slightly noticeable accessories also won’t hurt. Large watches or bracelets look great with shortened sleeves.

Roll up sleeves are stylish and comfortable. It’s also very simple. After spending only a minute, you will transform your favorite shirt and create a completely new bow with it. However, do not forget that the image must be though careless, but tidy. Don’t crumple the fabric or wear crumpled things.